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BuzzMusic Catches Up With HYLYND In An Exclusive Interview!

Welcome back HYLYND! We love the music video for “Fool”! Where was the majority of it filmed? What was the creation process like? 

Hey BuzzMusic! Thank you. We filmed all of it in Dallas, TX in a few different locations, one of them being my previous apartment. 

Was it your first time working with this director? What was that experience like?

This was my 4th time shooting with Zack Tzourtzouklis, who is an amazing director. He’s got that perfect balance of knowing what to do and how to do it, but also being collaborative in the process and inviting the artist into that. 

I get a strong sense that you think a little more deeply on things than most. Where do you generally get your inspiration from, and is there anything outside of music that drives you creatively?

I definitely keep watch on what’s going on in our world and that includes discerning emotional climates of regions/nations and how that’s affecting where we’re going. I love podcasts. Getting info in our world is easy, but getting clarity on what’s really going on isn’t, especially if you’re satisfied with how things appear topically. 

Your music is extremely creative and unpredictable! How do you usually get started when crafting your beats, and how do you know when a track is ready to go?

Thank you! I start with anything that surprises me or makes me feel a type of way. Sometimes that’s a chord sequence, a vocal hook where the pocket and melody just feel right, or a beat that just tells you where to go when it hits. I always just “know” when it’s ready.

You voice is incredibly unique! Have you had any professional training? 

Thank you. Yes! Most recently with Jan Smith Aka “Mama Jan” who works with artists like Usher, Justin Bieber, etc. I went to an arts school in high school and did a summer program at Juilliard way back when. 

What’s next for you through the end of 2019?

Releasing more music, shows, a cover single release with Sony ATV, and a very special idea that I’m working on that hopefully comes to fruition by the end of this year! 


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