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BuzzMusic Exclusive: Kendra & the Bunnies Talks Upcoming Single "Silent Sleeper"

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Kendra! Talk to us about your stage name. What’s the story behind “Kendra & the Bunnies”? 

Thanks so much for having me! The name "Kendra & the Bunnies" -- Simply put, think Alice in Wonderland's white rabbit meets Jefferson Airplane's rock 'n roll song of the same name -- this juxtaposed to the dumb blonde playboy bunny character type... with multiple personalities that take the form of a band. I land somewhere in that land between hippie and valley girl. I have also had the nickname 'Kenbunny' for about 9 years now.

We're so excited to have heard your new single "Silent Sleeper", available to the public on February 6! Talk to us about this song. What was the creation process like? 

"Silent Sleeper" was initially written in the spring of 2017. The song came to me in a flash of a few weeks where I was writing pop style ballads with tongue-in-cheek soul. I was in Denver at the time and recorded the lyrics and melody in one take onto my iPhone memos. The song was naturally divided into 3 sections and had this theatrical feel to it. So, I honored that when putting together the full composition and chords later on. "Silent Sleeper" is now available for pre-save. Add it to a playlist or your library here []

How does "Silent Sleeper" differentiate from your past releases?

It differentiates in the way that it is coming from an authoritative voice. A Mother-May-I, Mother Mary, type, who like an angel comes to awaken the dormant sleeper. "Let it Be" by The Beatles influenced some of the symbolism of the song, which actually came into fruition in the final composing stages. The rehearsing leading up to the recording stage is when I realized, "She comes to me..." is a really dreamy, nurturing refrain.

What inspired you to write "Silent Sleeper"? What is the theme and message you're trying to deliver to your fans?

A good girl friend of mine who was there for me during a very paralyzing time of my life was actually the original archetype for the angel character -- that paired with the soothing words I would tell myself during that same period -- became the basis of the song. Its thematic motif is a rotating ballerina dancer within a music box who turns and turns and turns and when the music box is closed, she stands paralyzed, waiting for the box to be opened again -- so she may sing and play.

What's your favorite lyric line from "Silent Sleeper"? What does this line mean to you?

"Oh my, from my toes to thighs, I'm walking down the road with ya." It is symbolic of walking around with someone in a dream you are having, realizing you are dreaming, and wondering "is this me?" -- so you look down and all you see are feet and legs and thighs. Deep breath. It is you in your favorite pair of shoes. Thank goodness your subconscious takes care of where you go in those shoes. 

What are you looking forward to the most out of this year in 2020? What can we expect to see from you?

Performing! I've got a lot of shows lined up. Starting with a winter tour that goes from Los Angeles to Portland to Denver to Pennsylvania. This spring, I am playing a lot of NorCal, and this summer, Texas! "Silent Sleeper" is the first single from my upcoming full-length album, "of Thank You", which will be released this year. I have also already written the EP to follow it - titled, "of Consideration." Additionally, my third book of poetry is being compiled, and I am in the midst of writing a novel.

Pre-save "Silent Sleeper" here.



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