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BuzzMusic Exclusive On The Premiere Of “Different Planets” By The Funky ZOOLUXX

What is ZOOLUXX? They are freedom through music, unity through dance, power to the people! Their persona exudes a vibrance that makes their listener feel liberated! Comprised of three Los Angeles natives and a percussionist from El Salvador, ZOOLUXX galvanizes the music industry today.

This is evident through the premiere of their newest hit single, “Different Planets". A track that boasts a simple, yet heavy, message of equality through quirky lyricism and feel-good vibes. The explosive introduction is the perfect foundation for the funky chaos to begin! ZOOLUXX delivers a charismatic groove that will have you escaping your day to day life and entering the world of the enigmatic stylings of ZOOLUXX. “Different Planets” is a fiery funk song that has elements of old school groove fused with your classic rock n roll and a whole lot of jazz and soul. This combination creates an authentic sound and the most riveting sensation for the listener. “Different Planets” is a smashing hit that kept me on cloud nine from beginning to end. With a heavy groove and wild guitar, ZOOLUXX plays "feral funk rock" from the heart.

Check out ZOOLUXX' brand new EP "Ghetto Starship" out today!

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