BuzzMusic Interviews 24Kay On Latest Release "Is It Me"!

Hey 24Kay! Congratulations on the release of "Is It Me"! How do you feel about this track release to your listeners?! 

I feel like it’s one of my best tracks due to what I was going through when I made it. It’s a different type of flow from 24. I had a lot on my mind and plate but still made a hit for my listeners.

How do you find the creation process typically goes for the majority of your tracks?

I honestly just pour out my feelings on any beat. The beat and my emotions have to come together that’s usually my process on creating Another 24Demar banger.

You began in the music world pretty early on as an artist! How do you feel your track "Is It Me" compares to the sound of your tracks when you first began recording?

This track is another due to the first couple of hits I created. The more you perfect your craft the better sound you’ll get. When u first made “Is It Me” I listened to it at least over 200+ times no cap.

We know that music has been lightly integrated within your family! Do you feel having this early connection with music and your family has aided in shaping the overall quality and sound of your music today?

Honestly, only a couple of my family members had anything to do with music in my generation. I’m the first to take it as far as I am now. Most of my family don’t listen to my music nor help me with it. I got where I'm at on my own. There’s nothing wrong with it and I don’t feel any way about it. Somethings are done better alone than with anybody.

How did it feel to collaborate with Demar? Would you collaborate again? 

I love the collabs Demar & I got together. We’re like Malone & Stockton. I’d always collab with Demar. We got some new stuff cooking up as we speak just wait on it.

Thanks for talking with us here at BuzzMusic 24Kay! We're hyped to see what you have in store for us next. Any hints on when we can expect to see more music from you?

It’s always a pleasure being able to tell my listeners and fans about what I got stored for them. Always be looking out for more work from 24, I got a lot of music about to drop and more shows on the way trust. 


Listen to 24Kay's latest track here, and don't forget to check out 24Kay's Instagram for the latest updates on the artists' work!