BuzzMusic Interviews Bria Cheri!

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Bria Cheri! In what ways do you implement your diverse artistic background into your music?

Thanks for having me again. It just comes naturally into the music. Whether through the instrumentation or lyrics my goal with my music is to have people feel something when they hear it. 

What would you consider the most monumental moment in your career thus far and why?

I haven't had a monumental moment yet in my career. Even though I have 2 EPs out, I'm still in the early stages of my career. There's been cool moments, but nothing that I can say wow, that's a moment that really skyrocketed things for me. However, I remain hopeful that the monumental moment is coming. As an independent artist everything I do is out of my own pocket which is a good and bad thing. Often times it feels like an eternity before I can get things done such as visuals or other promotional opportunities. This journey is a very long process and I'm learning to be patient and hopeful.  

You have a new EP out titled "Silent Siren Vol. 1". What does this project mean to you? What's the main theme you had in mind surrounding this project and why?

My newest EP means a new beginning. It took a year to create and each song represents things that I have gone through. There has been a lot of growing, sorrow, and learning over the past year. The main theme of this project was to dig deeper and vocalize what I feel, what I've gone through and not being afraid to speak up about it. That's the beautiful part about being an artist. You have an outlet to express your experiences through music and thus connect with people that understand and relate to it. It's like therapy. I'm still a work in progress everyday. 

Knowing you have a music radio show out called "Flava" on KFSM radio, what kind of content can people expect when they tune in every Wednesday from 6:15 to 7:15pm? How exactly can they tune in?

The content you can expect on my show "Flava" which airs on KFSM Radio every Wednesday at 6:15PM Eastern time is light hearted conversation about music and various hot topics in pop culture. Occasionally, I interview artists as well. Just recently I interview reggae artist, Louie Rankin. I decided to keep the same formula I previously used when on my College radio show because people want to escape their reality. I know for myself every time I look at my phone or hear something on the news it's always something bad happening so, my goal with "Flava" is to keep it fun. If people want to listen, you can access the show through the Tunein app and search for KFSM Radio. Also, if you wish to chime in with your comments or questions you can call in at (319) 527-3186.

We hear that you have an upcoming performance in Brooklyn, New York on the 24th of August! Tell us how you've been preparing for this gig and what songs you're planning on performing?

Yes, I do have a show coming up on the 24th. To prepare I will sometimes stop by my mentor Donnie Klang's "LoftSound Studio" where they have a huge performance stage to prepare how I want the songs to go. I'm planning on performing a mixture of some of my newer songs off my second EP and songs from my debut EP "Before the Music." You can expect to hear "No One Like You," "Here With Me," "Day Glow" and more. 


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