BuzzMusic is "Listening," to Julia Cannon's Creamy Textured Voice

Julia Cannon is your contemporary Indie/Folk artist that contains a versatile array of exciting vocal nuances. As a singer/songwriter, Julia Cannon embeds lyrics that have a profound meaning and reflect the intensity of her life.

Julia's most recent work consists of her EP, titled 'Listening,' which features a string of songs that showcases Julia Cannon's outlet for her grief. After facing a couple of family deaths, Julia Cannon wanted to craft her pain into something beautiful, and with the release of her EP came the beginning of her healing journey.

The last song on Julia Cannon's EP, titled "Listening," has an authentic peaceful entity to it. The entirety of the song is very smooth and delicate, and each lyric is delivered with such a graceful tone on Julia Cannon's end. Cannon is known for her soft, angelic sound, and "Listening" featured the best elements of these known qualities. Once you arrive at the chorus of 'Listening,' it's safe to say it will be goosebump-central with the almost whistle-like tones of Julia Cannon.

The storyline of "Listening" is shaped well by Julia Cannon's youthful, yet refined tone. She brings an impactful feel to the song and opens her heart to listeners with a moving story that will easily garner attention. With a heartfelt narrative, 'Listening' sheds many truths about the life and personality of Julia Cannon, allowing listeners to experience Julia Cannon in a much deeper way.

"Listening," as well as Julia Cannon's EP is now available to stream on listening platforms.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic Julia Cannon, and congratulations on the release of “Listening.” How do you feel upon the release of your EP, and are you receiving the response you had initially expected?

Thank you! I’m so glad that it’s finally out in the world! One good thing about my imposter syndrome is that I’m always surprised when my music is received well. So, I’m blown away by this response. It feels really great to grow with a community and feel like I’m making meaningful connections. I’ve been building myself up from poverty my whole adult life. So, on top of working over 55 hours a week, and trying to break generational curses, I’m just now starting to be able to invest in my music. It feels amazing. I can’t wait to keep growing and creating.

What kinds of emotions were you hoping to allow your listeners to experience with "Listening?"

I was hoping that sharing something from a super vulnerable place would invite others to feel safe to go there too. Watching that come to fruition has been extremely therapeutic.

Were there any artistic strategies embedded into "Listening?" How did you go about crafting this particular track on your EP in comparison to the other tracks?

There was no real strategy in the making of the title track. The production is very intimate and stripped back. My heart was breaking and I needed to put it into words. This song basically fell out of me. Last year after George Floyd was murdered, we had to watch people in our communities defend his killer. The internet was our only escape from Covid, and it was flooded with arguments about whether or not he deserved justice and graphic reminders of violent acts committed against people who look like me. It felt like everyone was watching and weighing in and letting us down with their lack of humanity. There was nowhere to find peace. When Breonna Taylor was murdered, I crumbled. She was my age. She could have been me. She could have been one of my friends or family members. I had nightmares. I had to have difficult conversations with the non-black people in my life who couldn’t empathize with how I was feeling or what I was going through. The fact that no one could look away was terrible for the mental health of black Americans, but it also gave me a little hope. The door was open for some work to be done. There were no distractions. People were being forced to acknowledge what was happening and address it. “Can you hear me now?”

Are you planning on performing any live shows for your EP debut?

I don’t have anything planned at the moment! This EP is very different from what I normally perform live with my band and it was so cathartic to make that I’d probably just end up crying on stage. But I’m open! I love performing so much, but I really want to prioritize putting more music out into the world for a bit. I have so much more to show you.