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BuzzMusic Premiere: Dustin Chapman's "Words & Alibis" Taps Into a Deeper Truth

Dustin Chapman has seen his career flourish in recent years, as it is apparent that his hard work and dedication are well-respected and appreciated by individuals worldwide.

With remarkable accomplishments under his belt, Dustin Chapman's debut EP peaked at #52 on the iTunes Top Country Albums Chart. He has also been nominated for dozens of awards from the Carolina Country Music Awards, the Carolina Music Awards, the Josie Music Awards, the International Singer-Songwriter Music Awards, and has won several World Songwriting Awards, the International Singers-Songwriters Association Awards for Best Male Single of 2020, and the X-Pose-Ing Music Award for Best Modern Country Song of 2020.

Releasing a song that has a title strong enough to have you pulled in upon first glance, "Words & Alibis" is the most recent single from the successful Dustin Chapman. Navigating listeners through the intimate narrative of believing one's lack of action when they continue to fall back into their same old toxic traits has us feeling a fortified connection to the story emanating from this masterpiece.

In an expansive atmosphere that soothes your very being, this single radiates resonant hues that delve into an affluent universe of lavish guitar riffs, tight drum patterns, and enough rhythm to shake the ground you stand on. Fiery passion sizzles through the emotion-filled vocal performance radiated by Dustin Chapman. He is no stranger to the proportionate use of time and space throughout his songwriting and musical arrangements, which work greatly in his favor as the message he conveys has time to simmer on your mind as you submit yourself to his melismatic showcase of talents.

We admire the violin that seeps in the background of the musical framework, ushering you to grasp the emotion that Dustin Chapman pours into "Words & Alibis." Knowing exactly how to execute a melody with the manner in which he performs from a place of authenticity, Dustin Chapman steals the show and our hearts as he continues to deliver a brilliant display of heartfelt tenors.

We love the depth that you offer in the lyrical structure of this song. Could you please take us into what influenced the concept for this single?

I was actually influenced by watching the biopics of Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline's lives. Seeing their relationships depicted in those films where adultery took place, inspired me to write this song.

The production quality is supreme! Listening to “Words & Alibis,” as a whole is a wonderful experience. What was everyone’s role in helping to achieve the desired sound we hear and love?

My producers were Brad Phillips and Ian Guthrie from Studio 101 in Woodruff, South Carolina. Brad organized the studio musicians and the recording the music while Ian ran our vocal sessions. My niece, Ryleigh Madison, laid down the upper harmony while I did the lower harmony myself.

How do you find that this song compares to previous releases you have in your music catalog? What has been the biggest takeaway from the release?

This song compared to my other releases offers a certain depth lyrically that is quite more sophisticated. Compared to other releases, this track is certainly more down the lines of 90s, traditional country rather than modern. This is the type of music that I grew up with, and I think it offers a story that is relatable and has truly shown me that there is an itch for that storytelling, traditional songs in today's market.

With the numerous accomplishments that you have under your belt, you have achieved some monumental accolades through your artistic career this far. What has been your proudest moment on this journey?

My proudest moment was my American Idol experience. Being on this season of Idol and getting such amazing feedback from artists like Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie, and Katy Perry gave me reassurance that I'm on the right path and being chosen out of the thousands and thousands of people that audition for the show was so humbling and honorable.

What's next for you?

I'm going to continue to build my brand, release music that others can relate to, and see where this crazy journey continues to take me.

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