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BuzzMusic Presents Evan Croft & His Glowing Sound

Eclectic artist Evan Croft is taking a look back at his 2019, and it's easily observable that he had a steady outflow of music. With four-track releases spread out throughout the year, it's so clear how Evan and his overall sound has progressed. The sounding and production get more shaped into what fits and complements Evan the best. This is what makes us intrigued to see what he releases during 2020, but for now, a review over his tracks for this past year!

Evan Croft has released a surplus of singles throughout 2019. Starting with "Cloud Nine", released in early 2019, the track encompasses an inspirational message from Evan Croft. He uses "Cloud Nine" as a metaphor, expressing personal emotions and thoughts he's currently withstanding in his love life. It's more of a serene and innocent atmosphere that's created, which completely contrasts from later releases, such as "Jam". The track features artist Lexxacon, and integrates such upbeat and energized beats! Making use of tropical instrumentals, Evan Croft synthesizes the perfect track for anyone needing a bit of regeneration. We absolutely love the feeling "Jam" emulates! It's addictingly catchy and flows so easily. We've already added it to some of our workout playlists because it gives you that necessary kick of energy!

As 2019 ends, Evan Croft releases "Together", a song that captures more of a raspy and raw tone from Evan. That's what we found made the track more intimate and required more of that tethered connection between us as listeners and Evan Croft as an artist. Evan Croft definitely aims for that deeper mentality throughout his tracks, and 2019 was needless to say, a thoughtful and eloquent year for Evan Croft!

Listen to the 2019 soundings of Evan Croft here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Evan Croft! Now that the year is swiftly coming to an end, how do you feel about the way you've expressed yourself and your artistry in 2019?

I feel like I did a much better job this year than in previous years. Before I would just release a track and hope for the best without really promoting it.

"Cloud Nine" started off your 2019 tracklist, being released in late January of this year. Do you see a difference in style and flow from "Cloud Nine", compared to your most recent release "Together"?

Cloud Nine is a more uptempo track. Compared to Together, this song had a more positive and bouncy vibe than Together's acoustic flow and more powerful vocals.

Out of the four-track releases 2019 saw from you, which track was favored more from your listening base? What track did you personally prefer?

My fans definitely liked Jam out of all of my releases of 2019. I believed they liked the Afro feel and the party vibes the song has. My personal favorite out of these four was Cloud Nine because it was my first time crossing over from R&B to pop. It was also my first time singing & rapping on the same track.

One of our favorite tracks was "Together". The track featured some prominent elements that we definitely didn't hear from other tracks 2019 saw. Was "Together" approached in a varied way compared to the three earlier tracks?

I wanted Together to be more of an uplifting song than the last three singles. I decided to go with a more acoustic track with this song so I could get the message out and to properly showcase my vocals.

Are there any new components you're hoping to integrate into your 2020 sounding?

I hope to add a little Hip Hop and R&B into this years sound.

We hope 2020 is as successful as 2019 was for you, Evan Croft! What's the main goal now for the New Year?!                                                                                                                My main goal is to have my debut album ready for May 2020.


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