BuzzMusic Presents: Where Legends Are Destined And New Track “Crumble”

Where Legends Are Destined is a two-man band from Los Angeles fusing elements of hip hop, pop, and rock. Founding members Ryan Scottie & Nick Bomby grew up together as childhood friends in Wisconsin, both ended up moving to LA on different ventures but would later link-up, and shortly after, start recording music and making songs. The two work as a tandem between rapping and singing over original music both create together. Drawing influences from acts like Linkin Park, Eminem, New Medicine, & Metallica, WLAD separates themselves based on the subject matter of achievement within yourself. You’ll hear soaring melodies and smooth piano from Scottie while Bomby provides energetic guitar licks and meaningful bars to balance out their overall sound.

“Crumble” is a fine fusion of reflective, entrancing melodies, and a calming, ambient beat. Along with a refreshingly thoughtful concept and an honest approach, it all helps make “Crumble” an absolute stand out for the year so far. It’s a beautiful, late-night anthem for hip-hop and trip-hop fans alike. There’s a smooth aura to the whole thing and a clean finish, one that still lets the dreamlike aura of the backdrop wash over you in a hypnotic way. The lyrics and the vocal deliveries are of as high a quality as the music. The whole thing hits with impact and leaves you feeling uplifted and ready for more. “Crumble” takes its time to build itself around you. The intro sees a partly organic ambiance pour through, then you get that central melody, then you get that vocal that’s easy to connect with. This use of poetry and openness works beautifully, every line captivates while the entire piece just reaches out for you. A single listen to “Crumble” is not enough.

Check out “Crumble” here as soon as possible and read our exclusive interview with Where Legends Are Destined below!


Hi guys! How long have you been making music together? How did you choose your group name? 

We started Writing and recording about three years ago. We go by “Where Legends Are Destined” because we believe that all life achievements start within yourself; you have to decide what you stand for, what you want, what to invest yourself in, and what you’re willing to give up to make that a reality. Also, fun fact; the initials of WLAD captures our roots of Wisconsin Dells, and the place where all this started Los Angeles.

“Crumble” has a strong lyrical presence. Can you dive into the meaning of this track? What was the writing process like?

Crumble is about overcoming struggles and negative thoughts. It captures the necessary growth involved in overcoming these life challenges and negative thought patterns, that wouldn’t have otherwise occurred without those obstacles existing in your life. 

The recording process was well over a year before completion. It started with a riff idea Bomby came up with on the guitar, which later on became the piano lead for the track. We laid down the riff, and Scottie went to action adding drums, bass, and structuring the track. We completed the chorus and first verse within the first few weeks of its birth, then sat on the idea for almost a year before picking it back up again. I guess that’s just how it goes sometimes. 

What do you hope your listeners take away from your releases? 

We would like our listeners to believe in their dreams and themselves. To understand that they are the only ones standing in their path to true happiness, and to believe they deserve to be happy. 

What can your fans expect from your new music coming in 2020? 

We have some new tracks in the making that we’re very excited about! We believe it’s some of our best work yet! Also, MORE SHOWS! 

Do you have any upcoming events or shows you’d like to talk about? What’s next for you through the end of 2019? 

We are planning some shows in the next couple weeks in the LA Area. Bombys parents are coming to visit from Wisconsin mid September 2019, and Scottie is heading to Bali with his wife around that time. We would love to have those tracks finished by the end of 2019 and ready to release early 2020, as well as play some new venues we have yet to play. We are only just getting started!


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