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BuzzMusic's Exclusive Interview With Kisspanic

Photo by David de la Rosa

Hi Kisspanic! Congratulations on your album "Sterotape"! What  does this release represent for you?

Rudi Meibergen (Frontman): It means the beginning of a project that I've been seeking for many years. The hardest part has been to spread the word in order to build a following, to let people know about your band! (There are so many bands nowadays). Thanks to Stereotape this had been possible so far and our following and streams are constantly growing. However this is just the beginning and now we feel free to experiment more and more with our new songs.

This album saw so much success in a short time. How long has this project been in the making?

The band has only two years, and the making of the album took one, but all of the members have long and solid carriers before this. I think that's one of the reasons why it took off faster than most of the projects. I also think is because people was missing some new fresh alternative rock, so it was easy for us to find a space. On the other hand hispanic music it's on its boom in english speakers countries, so that also had helped. And last but no least because of the outstanding job that our agencies in USA, Mexico, Chile and South Kore have done in the las year (LA Personal Development, Cero 6, Altafonte, Sound Republica and Carlos Canales). In other words the short time success had been because of the music and circumstances, and because a lot of people is believing in the band.

Can you tell us more about the meaning behind your song "Me Preocupa"?

"Me Preocupa" is the story of a character that starts with him being worried about trivial stuff and having a bad time because of that. Then, while the song is progressing, he realized that his concerns were not as big as he thought and that being worried was not helpful at all. The character keeps struggling to put things on perspective in a sarcastic tone throughout the whole song. The lyrics touch many topics, from insights of very trivial things like a cloudy day, to big issues like global warming, the current socio-political situation, gun control, and the massive waste of food among many others.

What was in like to walk the halls where legends have walked when you were recording at Clear Lake Recording?

It was an amazing experience! The facilities are so great. It's a cozy place but at the same time it has everything you need, we felt very comfortable. Plus having Darryl Swann producing was ideal because with his experience we took the maximum advantage of the studio. At the beginning, when we were setting up and testing sound a brief thought came to my mind "Shit I'm gonna record in the same room than No Doubt and Ringo Star, I better do a good job" And a second of adrenaline captures you! But then, once you start playing your songs and getting in the zone, you forget about everything and  start enjoying the great sound of the place. 

What has been the most memorable moment from your days on tour?

Definitely one date in México. We were playing our last single "Me Preocupa" and the earth started shaking. All of the sudden the lights went on and someone yielded at us from the audience: Stop playing! Stop! While waving his hands at the same time. First thing I thought was "It seems these people didn't like our music at all haha". But then as soon as we stop playing I felt the movement, so we had to evacuate the building! Thankfully it was not a big earthquake and after 20 mins we were playing again with the crowd even more excited than before! But I don't think I'll be able to forget that day.

After your finished your tour promoting the album, what can your fans expect from you?

We have a few more dates here in the US, including one this Friday 6th in The House Of Blues of Anaheim, so they are all welcome to come see our show! And after that we'll start working on new songs that we're planning to release at the end of this year. As I mentioned this is just beginning, so many new songs to come!


Check out Kisspanic's music here and keep up with the group through social media:


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