BuzzMusic's Exclusive Interview With Mouce

Welcome back Mouce! We're excited to have you back here with us on our BuzzMusic platform. How have you been since your previous release and how did you prepare for "Rap Is Back"?

I’ve been doing excellent and I know y’all have been doing the same. Just working, grinding getting to it in every way. To me “Rap is Back” is a whole movement so I definitely wanted to represent it properly in the right way in my own way of doing things. The simple  complexities. 

Talk to us about this new single, "Rap Is Back". What was the main vision you had for this record?  

The main vision was representing for the culture. I feel like everybody just lost in the sauce right now but I don’t want to lose ownership of what we created. Everything has its own category and all, either way we gotta all just respect the craft, this art form that has changed so many of our lives. 

Knowing this single was so well-executed, what obstacles did you stumble upon during the production of this song?

Not really many obstacles but from what the rough recording sounded like and what the final product sounds like are 180 degrees different. From the arrangement to the scratches by DJ Dolo. It was quite the production to put together. Props to Bartenders on the beat and Sidefx on the mix. 

Mouce how would you describe your songwriting approach and method? Were there any specific lyric arrangements you were going for in "Rap Is Back"?

Honestly my whole approach is just come from the heart every time. If you do that you can’t lose. We were in the studio just taking bout how a lot of people nowadays just are Bsin. So that’s basically what we were talking about before we started recording. So that’s basically what the track is about even in the beginning I say “My cousin told me Rap different and be myself” that was all directly from the conversation previous to recording and a direct result of it. 

You're known to impress us constantly! What can we expect next from you? 

More videos from the album “Money is Revenge” out now. Everyone make sure to subscribe to my YouTube and also expect a big surprise from me October 9th as well.