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BuzzMusic Sits Down With Sorry It’s Over: The New Single, “Feels Like It’s the 60s”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sorry It's Over! We love the fresh yet nostalgic sound of your recent single, "Feels Like It's The 60s." What inspired the song's concept and your instrumental approach?

This song started differently than other songs. It started with two recordings on my phone of the guitar riff on the chorus and the bass riff played throughout the song. They worked flawlessly together once they were matched up, and I started just singing on top of it. The lyrics are pretty straightforward, also.

Did you collaborate with any artists or musicians when creating "Feels Like It's The 60s?" What was that experience like?

I recorded the whole thing in my bedroom, except for a few drum parts recorded in the garage. Usually, the instrumental parts of the songs come quickly, but the vocals take a while to perfect. I went through multiple mixes but was sold on the one out now. My favorite part to record was the riff part after the choruses.

What did you want listeners to feel and take away when listening to "Feels Like It's The 60s?" What was your goal in terms of the listener's experience?

I just wanted people to vibe out to it, and I think the riffs in the song work well for jumping around. The one riff that ends the song is usually one of the most fun parts of our shows.

On a more personal note, what made you want to stop DJing and recording electronic music to start Sorry It's Over? What led you to that realization?

I got over the scene surrounding you when you were making that music, and I also felt like most of the music being released was repetitive. Also, I started getting more fulfillment from playing instruments live and writing songs on guitar/ piano. It can be fun to DJ or occasionally produce a little EDM song.

Would you say "Feels Like It's The 60s" is a good representation of the sound and style that your band typically embodies? How would you describe that style to new listeners?

It may be a good representation of the other songs released so far. Writing and recording it always felt different, but now it blends in just enough.

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