BuzzMusic Talks With Cenred About His Latest Release!

We’re happy to have you back here with us Cenred! For our first time readers, do you mind introducing yourself and your background?

Firstly, thanks for doing the things that you do for independent musicians - it’s tremendous , and thanks for inviting me back. I am an Australian based musician, composer and producer who has released a number of albums over the last 15 years. The album titled ‘Amplitude’ won a number of awards with a prestigious international A & R magazine including best production and best album. My music has appeared in various compilations in UK, Europe and US. I have written a vast amount of material, so I’ll  never be short!! My newest release is called ‘S.A.G.E.’, and has been getting feedback and reviews to die for.

In terms of style, my music is totally unique, yet very commercial, and there is a subtle spiritual context at play behind everything I do. In fact, based on a deepening meditative experience, my whole life has been a quest to understand for myself, who and what we really are, and that is there more to us then just a physical form; and if that’s the case, then what is our true potential? Lastly, I am also a management consultant specialising in organisational change and transformation. I recently co authored  a reference book on the subject, and am currently writing an online course titled ’How to Handle Difficult People’.

We took a listen to your single titled “We Can Do This” and we LOVED it. What exactly is the message behind the lyrics?

It’s a motivational piece, basically saying that underneath it all we are, by and large, all the same - and that we all know that there is great power in working harmoniously together!!

‘We Can Do This’ is all about that ..  the potential of  joining  together, and making the world a better place.

If you watch the video (YouTube: 'We Can Do This - Cenred’), the whole middle section shows the potential decimation of our planet. However once that middle instrumentation break has finished, we see the possibility that, in joining together, we not only can deal with the environmental issues, but we can play a part in ultimate ‘spiritualisation’ of the whole planet. 

Your new album “Sage” is immaculate and gives a storybook element to the music. Can you explain?

That’s correct, the album is actually symbolic of a typical person’s life -  well more that of a ‘seeker’, who is looking for some semblance of meaning behind everything, the 'ups the downs’, successes,  failures, lessons learned, suffering etc. The album culminates with the seeker attaining spiritual enlightenment .. just as he/she is about to pass on to the hereafter.

What was the most challenging aspect in creating this album for you and why?

Apart from the effort / time involved, the most challenging aspects were:Being objective - trying to listen to the album through someone else’s ears. For example, what will listeners hear that I am missing ? .. is it too self indulgent? are the percussion instruments too dominant? how do the vocals sit in the mix ? etc.My music can be very complex, so ensuring that all of those layers etc do not mask the overall intent / ‘message’ of the song itselfLastly, I am a ridiculous perfectionist .. and aspiring for perfection is .. well .. like being on a journey that  never quite finishes !!! 

Have any concerts plan for the people in the US seeing you live?

This is entirely dependent on how successful the album ‘S.A.G.E.’ fares.

It’s a catch twenty two situation, one has to play live to promote the album, but the album has to already have been relatively successful to pull decent crowds.

Nonetheless, I will be giving a series of concerts in Australia … however it is difficult to music to play live, and albeit I do have access to some of Australia’s finest musicians, it can’t be done in half measures - demands absolute production quality.

What can we expect from you in the future Cenred?

I have a new album in the works, it’s predominately a fantasy about an amazing intergalactic traveler called ‘Mieylo’. It’s a big job …  but hopefully will be well worth waiting for!


Listen to Cenred's "We Can Do This" here, and connect more with the artist via his socials below!