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Byron Freeman Captivates Us With His Soothing Tone In "Relax"

Byron Freeman is the man to listen to when feeling the need to capture yourself in a serene ambience. Byron curates music that puts the listener in a different setting. This is the exact type of music we need, and are looking for! Byron allows listeners to escape whatever it is going on at the time, and fully elevate themselves while listening to his music. Byron takes you on an adventure with his music, and as a listener, we felt that the adventure was beyond enchanting. We can only imagine the type of performances Byron would put on, and how rich his vocalism must be felt throughout such a performance. For now, we can only mask in the composure of his songs, and we highly recommend the BuzzMusic community check out Byron's latest single (it's a calm and soothing one for sure). Byron's voice is full of deep and soothing tones. He surprises us with the level he is able to reach with his voice--he creates this tranquil and relaxed environment for the listener, simply off of his dynamic vocalism. The production of beats blend together with Byron's voice effortlessly.

"Relax" is a track that will make you do exactly what the name suggests. Byron's tone is magical, and even somewhat alluring to the listener. We can feel the honesty pour off of him while he's singing in "Relax". We can feel the emotion he's trying to communicate to the listener, and we're all here for the authenticity Byron brings to his music. "Relax" is the type of song you want to be listening to in a peaceful environment (or even a track to listen to with your eyes closed when you want to make that impromptu peaceful environment). We feel in love with Byron's voice, and we know the BuzzMusic blues community will too! 

Discover Byron's elevating track "Relax" here, and keep scrolling for the artists exclusive interview!

Hello Byron! Please introduce yourself to our BuzzMusic community!

Hey y’all, I’m Byron Freeman—I am an all around entertainer from East Orange, NJ and a recent graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theater from Pace University. I like to think I am the kind of artist that will take you on a JOURNEY! From belting it out loud to kicking my leg up to my head—I give a FULL SHOW! My dream has always been to be a professional and world renowned R&B/Soul/Pop recording artist/entertainer. Being able to inspire and connect with people through my art brings me more joy and comfort than I could ever truly express. When I see people moved by something I created, it humbles me like nothing else. I have also performed and worked alongside some well-known artists such as Yolanda Adams, BeBe Winans, Cynthia Erivo, Keala Settle, Michael John-LaChiusa, Kenny Rogers, and Darren Criss where I’ve learned so much. I currently have 3 singles out on all platforms, and my newest release “By My Side” dropping on July 30th, with my first full EP set to drop this Fall. To keep it simple, the end goal is to be able to show anyone out there that their dreams are infinitely possible as long as they stay consistent, always do their best, and most importantly, have fun doing it all. And that’s exactly what I plan to do for as long as I am here. 

Tell us about your experience curating "Relax", and how the creative process was?

The same night I wrote “Relax” I wrote 3 other songs in under 3 hours, “Relax” being the last of the collection. I was coming home from my dance teaching job in NYC, and I was feeling so inspired. At the time, my first two singles were already out and streaming, but I knew it was time for a different sound. Something more cool, fun, and opposite of my baritone operatic voice. I wanted to make music that sounded like Trap & Soul mixed with a lot of R&B. Each of the songs I am referencing are all on my upcoming EP and are exactly the direction I wanted to take creatively. I wanted a song that just felt RIGHT and when I heard the beat for “Relax” I wrote the whole thing in 15 minutes on a train platform at night in the snow. Literally! LOL. I usually never get to sing songs that are super chill and easy to listen to, and I wanted to write one of my own, and it honestly just fell into my life at the right time. 

"Relax" is incredibly entrancing, we feel absolutely lost in your voice. What was the kind of mood you wanted to set for listeners in the song?

Thank you so much for that, it truly means the world. When writing “Relax” I wanted people to have something that made them feel sexy, cool, and just happy to be living. One of those songs you can’t wait for it to be summer so you can blast it driving down the street. Just something to get lost into. A song that just felt GOOD and RIGHT! And I really hope that comes across. 

What would you say is the most integral element to your music?

I honestly think that the most integral part of my music (and my favorite part also) is the vocal production and lyrics. I studied Opera/Classical Voice for 10 years starting at the age of 9. And although I know R&B/Soul is about raw emotion and not being picture perfect, I take pride in making sure I have a strong vocal presence, super tight harmonies, and combining that with the feelings. As far as lyrics go, I like to take my experiences and make it so that ANYONE can relate to it. I don’t want people to feel like my music is ONLY FOR ME. I want them to know that I’ve been through it too and that they are not alone. So I am extremely careful about allowing my lyrics to remain open and relatable across the masses. 

Tell us more about your performances! We see you've performed in a few locations now, how was it?

Now when it comes to performing, I am a COMPLETELY different beast! My entire life’s training and experience has been about live performance, from opera to dance to acting—you name it. When I feel the rush of the crowd, I lose myself. I thrive off of it. Recently I had my first debut concert as a recording artist at The Delancey in NYC on June 14th. I sang ALL of my original music and I even had a huge 5-minute dance break with some amazing backup dancers. Since then, I have dedicated myself to performing and booking shows at least 3 times a month to help promote myself and my music. I love the studio and rehearsal, but there is nothing like being out there on that stage. Performing is literally all I know and for me, life is a stage and I love it more and more every single day. 


Catch up with Byron & stay connected via the artists Instagram!

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