C.D.J. Strikes Us With His Flow And Hard-Hitting Lyricism In The Release Of His Freestyle, “I' Back"

C.D.J released his latest freestyle titled “I'm Back” and he isn’t playing around. Starting out, “I'm back (Freestyle)” creates a dramatic aesthetic with its augmented and elemental introduction that gave us a choir-like sound. Sort of similar to an introduction to a Meek Mill Dreamchasers single. This freestyle was everything that freestyle is supposed to be. In our opinion, freestyles are supposed to hit hard with a raw flow and real straight-forward bars. C.D.J. delivers this in an aggressive projection that makes it even more better! You can tell C.D.J has the hunger and determination for this through his flow. He raps with strong conviction and you feel his passion hit you like a wrecking ball. The tough aggression fused with the intense beat fabricates the perfect hard-hitting freestyle.

C.D.J is a contemporary rapper with a classic style. He reminds us of the real rap spitters who knew how to create thought-provoking lyrics with a consistent flow. C.D.J is undeniably a rising star in the hip-hop industry and he has a great future ahead of him due to his natural skills that are actually displayed through his freestyle. Not many rappers can freestyle this way, but C.D.J isn’t like many rappers!

Listen to “I'm back (Freestyle)" by C.D.J here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic C.D.J! In which ways has your sound evolved since you first began creating music?

Well first off, thank you for having me be a part of this. Secondly, I think my music has evolved by the manner in which I put rhymes together. Trying to get better at matching my cadence and rhyme scheme to the tempo of the beat. I'm still relatively new to music so I can only get better from here.

Who are some of the main hip-hop influences that have helped shape you into the artist you are today?

In terms of biggest influence, I would have to say its a tie between J Cole, Big Sean, J.I.D, and NF. They all have songs that have hard-hitting lyrics that also make you think about the message they are trying to convey. But they can also switch their flow and snap on a track without any hesitation.

What’s your take on the current state of rap and what do you hope to bring to the industry that’s different?

Currently, rap is the biggest genre in the world. It's in a state where people continue to evolve and push the envelope with new sounds and styles. I know this will sound like a cliche answer, but I just hope I can be myself and tell my story. A story that's believable to music fans out there.

“I'm Back (Freestyle) was raw and hard-hitting. What is the message behind the tough lyricism in this song?

There wasn't much of a message I was trying to send to anyone. I had been dealing with some things personally and had to step away from the music scene. So in terms of the freestyle, it was mostly me trying to prove to MYSELF that I can still hop on a track and do my best.

What is the biggest challenge you faced when creating this freestyle and how did you manage to overcome the barrier?

The biggest thing would definitely have to be proving I could still put some rhymes together and have a decent flow on the track. Of course, I doubted myself at first, but eventually, I regained my confidence back and voila, we have "I'm Back". I just cannot wait until people see what I have coming next.