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C-ME Releases New Single “Won’t Judge You” From New Debut Mixtape "S.W.I.M"

This fresh rapper, C-Me, is putting Milwaukee, Wisconsin on the map for trap music. This artist lives through his music; vowing to always tell his truth through his music. Using his journey of gains and losses as a positive outlet. His goal is to do all of that while staying up to date with the trap sound and culture. C-Me’s style is a mixture of Midwest, South, and East Coast rap giving listeners something distinct with quality, setting him apart from other artists. C-Me's latest single “Won’t Judge You” is sure to be a page out of his life story.

“Won’t Judge You” is a classic trap, hip hop song. The lyrics in "Won't Judge You" are super catchy. The entire song takes you through a visual with each verse flowing into one another seamlessly. C-Me can really blend his words perfectly, creating the perfect flow. The production gives us some trap/R&B energy as well. Not sure of his influences, but I can hear traces of a few well known hip hop artists. As we enter into the last chorus bringing us down with a nice piano exit. “Won’t Judge You” is one of those tracks you can catch on a slow jams trap list. Very cool production C-Me, be sure to check out the full mix tape "S.W.I.M".

Hello. If you could, introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m C-ME I reside on the West side of Milwaukee, I’ve been recording a few years now my music a mix of trap rap and pain music steaming from my life lessons and over coming many obstacles while striving for success.

What is the trap music scene like in Milwaukee?

It’s a lot of different trap scene here in my city from the bottom of the barrel to upscale trap music as I feel I make my music is a reflection of the streets but also not enlightening the streets but more so giving a blueprint of survival.

Where do you source your inspiration or creativity from?

I honestly just go threw beats and pour my heart out rather it’s pain music or trap music I try to keep authentic as possible an also relatable to the streets the section 8 babies an motivate.

How did “Won’t Judge You” form to be the track it is?

Won’t judge you is actually one of the last songs I recorded on my S.W.I.M mix tape soon dropping entitled swim as an Acronym standing for Somewhere IN Milwaukee it came about because I felt I needed a record I can have a visual for one for the ladies in which I could also show diversity.

What do you have going on for this year with your music?

I’m wrapping up with finishing my Debut tape S.W.I.M followed by another tape already in the works entitled SilentTape and planning on S.W.I.M 2 top of the year 2020.


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