C-Will Drops Dope New Verses In “Bad Habits”

C-Will is an exciting new artist coming out of Toronto, Canada. He brings us a new school flare and old school sensibilities. With his focus on lyricism C-Will has amazed listeners with his word play and delivery, which is making him a rising star to look for. The single “Bad Habits” has an electric feel with a vibe all on its own that will induce head bopping’ for sure. 

C-Will’s brand new release “Bad Habits” is a summer sizzle! The heavy bass right off the bat gives the song a great energy. C-Will comes in HARD with a flawless sound. The whole song, “Bad Habits” is complex verses and a quick witted hook. “Bad Habits” only a few minutes long but that’s all the time C-Will needs to prove he’s on the rise. His confidence and fresh attitude blast through the speakers. Powerhouse rhyme slinger C-Will knows he’s got talent and he makes sure his listeners know it too. I highly recommend you listen to “Bad Habits”, it’s addicting and ground-breaking and taking the industry by storm. Exploding into the music industry, C-Will is here to stay and we can’t wait for more material!

Listen to “Bad Habits” here and read more below in our interview with C-Will.

Hi C-Will! How did you come up with your unique style and flow?

Growing up on hip-hop I loved listening to lyricists and how they delivered lines with amazing wordplay. My flow style grew from that; where my music shows you a different perspective you never thought of before or show you something you already knew in a whole new manner.

“Bad Habits” is a dope track! Tell us a bit about it. What was the writing process like?

It was kinda therapeutic for me. During the time, I had some brothers who were trying to focus on doing positive things but a few weren't happy they were trying to better themselves. Which upset me. From there I got the wiring and 'bad habits' was born.

What first inspired you to start writing music?

I would have to say my great grandfather from Jamaica, who unfortunately passed. Every since I was a kid he told me I would be making music or be a Dj.

What are a few things you’d love for your fans to know about you?

I'm really humbled by the love my fans show me, it still amazes me. They also tend to comment on what they like and don't and I appreciate that because it gets me amped to make sure that every song I make is on point for my fans.

Do you listen to other genres other than hip-hop? Do you try and incorporate these genres into your style?

I listen to all forms of music but of course, Hip-hop is my first love. I'm also into r&b, some pop and alternative way too many to name. Also, I love reggae and I'm currently working on a few reggae-inspired songs myself.


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