Caleb Hearn Is Always Asking, “Where Do We Go From Here?”

Caleb Hearn is a young storyteller with a viral talent for writing and recording meaningful, intimate songs with unrelenting authenticity.

Since his latest release, Caleb has become part of the "next up" singer-songwriter with over 1 million TikTok followers and headed for 120k Spotify followers. He weaves the classic live sounds of the singer-songwriter genre (piano, guitar, and strings) with his generation's undeniable talent for unfiltered lyrics that boldly tackle personal conflicts related to identity, politics, and mental health. Today, Caleb shares his Nettwerk debut single, "Where Do We Go From Here?" a powerful story of a devastating love lost.

Caleb introduces us to the sound of the softest piano keys, which sounds like I'm floating on a cloud; he gently starts by saying things like "I can still see the stain on your sweater when you looked at me and believed" and "When I told you we're in this together you smiled back and agreed." There's a genuine, heartfelt feeling from "Where Do We Go From Here?" Next, Caleb showed us how his vocal match with the perfect beat creates a record worthy of being played on repeat!

The record relates quickly as he feels the love he's lost has broken his heart and all he could do was watch it all crumble. He talks about many beautiful memories they've shared, and now it's all it is, just a memory.

Caleb shows a lot of emotion as he recalls many loving experiences they've shared. With that instrumental hugging the vocals so amazingly, we are sure to keep "Where Do We Go From Here?" saved to all our favorite playlists!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Caleb Heran. “Where Do W" Go From Here?” is such a"tear-jerker, was it easy being honest with your emotions on this record, or did you find it a little challenging?

It was honestly really easy to write “Where Do W" Go From Here?” since the song accurately represented something that happened in my past. I just sat down and drew on my emotions at those moments, and everything came naturally. It felt really therapeutic.

When creating music, what tools do you always keep ready in case an idea sparks, like instruments or a notebook ect?

There are two things I always have ready in case an idea sparks: the Notes app and the Voice Memos app. I use the Notes app to quickly jot down any lyrics or concepts I think of and the Voice Memos app if a melody ever comes to mind. I also like to keep my guitar handy since it helps me further develop melodies and lyrics.

As an artist with many messages in their records, what would you like your listeners to take away from "Where Do We Go From Here?"

I want listeners to know that healing is a necessary process we all have to go through at points. It's perfectly valid not to be happy all the time, and I hope that listening to the song helps people realize that sadness is an emotion we all have to handle.

What's next for you?

There are so many things coming up that I'm excited about! The most immediate is another single, and I'm hoping to release my debut EP shortly as well. I'm also trying to lock in my first tour towards the end of the summer.