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Caleb Lovely Reaches Into the Past With an Upbeat Single, "Good For Me"

Australia's own country artist and singer-songwriter Caleb Lovely gets listeners on their feet with an endearing and exhilarating love song entitled "Good For Me."

With a life story that set him up to be one of the most prolific songwriters, skilled guitar players, and recognizable singers of our generation, Caleb Lovely was destined for a successful music career. Raised in an abusive household, Lovely strives to use details of his past to write songs that make listeners fall in love with the feeling only music can offer.

Recently releasing his second single of the year, "Good For Me," Caleb Lovely brings listeners deep into the emotions of a relationship, more specifically one that's just ended. Through blazing country instrumentals and his heartfelt performance, it's no wonder why Caleb Lovely has garnered all the attention and acclaim that he has.

Diving into "Good For Me," the song begins with uplifting and fiery country instrumentals that blast through our speakers. Once Caleb Lovely starts singing of attempting to forget the love he once shared with someone, he later spills his heart and expresses how he should be surrounded by their love once again.

The blistering instrumentals keep the track jumping through the scorching hot electric guitar riffs, the robust and upbeat drum patterns, and the forceful bassline. Reaching the bridge, a beaming guitar solo serenades us while Caleb Lovely summons the courage to exclaim his endless passion for someone dear to his heart.

Feel your heart skip a beat with Caleb Lovely's latest single, "Good For Me," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We genuinely admire the passion and energy you've created with your single "Good For Me." When did you begin feeling inspired to write about a past love?

I appreciate that so much, thank you. It’s hard for me to answer that question as a married man because I’m very happy to not ever think about past relationships again. Honestly, it’s very hard for me to comprehend that I was ever with anyone else. So now when I write these types of songs, I try to think about what it would feel like to lose my wife. If I didn’t have her I’d definitely be the guy in that song.

Are you used to writing such vulnerable lyrics, similar to your words in "Good For Me?" Or is it challenging for you to open up?

It’s more difficult for me to write about surface topics actually! Vulnerability is my middle name.

Why did you want to make the instrumentals on "Good For Me" so lively and energetic, even though your lyricism is rather emotional?

I think those are the best types of songs. I think taking a lyrically melancholy song and turning it into a melody that makes you feel good is one of the hardest things to do. I want to take you to a place that is real, like our emotions are, but still make you drive with your windows down singing along.

How does "Good For Me" contrast your other releases? Do you usually write about certain concepts, or do you like to switch up your lyrical themes?

I have a history of writing sad songs, but I’m really just focused on writing universal emotions now. I wouldn’t say it’s any different in terms of feel. There’s still a ripping guitar solo and my unique sound. I just want to keep putting out music that is individually outstanding and memorable.

What's next for you?

Writing songs in Nashville Tennessee with other legendary songwriters. Releasing a CMT premiere for one of the best songs I’ve ever written in May. And a summer full of hits!




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