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Caleb Mills Releases Highly-Anticipated Debut Album, S-U-R-V-I-V-E

From Alabama to Nashville, singer-songwriter and country recording artist Caleb Mills treats his 60k monthly listeners to a long-awaited debut album, S-U-R-V-I-V-E.

The Alabama-born artist started writing and performing at the age of 8, influenced by his touring and studio musician granddaddy, Billy Ray McBroom. Residing in Music City since 2020, Nashville helped Mills fall in love with various genres, expanding his artistic versatility. With 8 million streams under his belt in just a few years, he's ready to keep the momentum going with his debut 10-track album, S-U-R-V-I-V-E.

The new record highlights brilliant collaborations between Mills and renowned songwriter Richie Brown (Garth Brooks). Not only that, but the album features twelve other talented songwriters who round it out to perfection.

S-U-R-V-I-V-E powerfully opens with the introductory and title track, "S-U-R-V-I-V-E," kicking off with a powerful country-rock instrumental that leads into Mills' warm and twangy vocals. While touching on his past rebellious self and how he always found himself in trouble, Mills leads us to the hook and embraces this part of himself with confidence and wit, letting us know that although he might be under the influence, he's surviving.

On track number two, "I Can Be Him Tonight," Caleb Mills turns the allure up a notch with a sweet-sounding, sultry country tune that kicks off with bold brass and a toe-tapping beat. While Caleb Mills makes his deep vocal appearance and embraces his inner heartthrob cowboy, he makes his attempt to sweep someone off their feet with clever lyrics like "Your blue eyes match my blue collar." It's an uplifting, playful tune that keeps us locked in for the ride until the very last beat.

Moving on to the album's third track, "You And I," Caleb Mills keeps the passion alive while opening the track with a solid mid-tempo country groove. As he expresses his past self, chasing women with a beer in hand, Mills makes the realization that a part of him changed when he met someone special - someone who encouraged him to stop smoking and now has him sipping sangria instead of dive bar drinkin'. We adore this passionate love song that highlights personal, positive changes when we meet the right person.

Turning up the emotion is track number four, "Candles To Burn," opening with a soft acoustic guitar alongside tender keys and Caleb Mills' soothing vocals. From the get-go, he infuses this song with the utmost devotion and passion, encouraging his lover to cancel their reservations, put some records on, and keep those candles burning. It's an incredibly intimate, beautiful song that places the listener smack-dab in the middle of the picturesque scenes Caleb Mills effortlessly describes.

Maintaining that emotional theme in the album's fifth track, "Raining in Tupelo," this song opens with gentle acoustic guitar and Caleb Mills' vocals that express his journey back to his blue-eyed girl. Just as it's been raining in Tupelo, Mills knows that his lover has been waiting for his return. But he promises to rekindle that flame sooner than later. It's a song that perfectly highlights the distance between lovers and the lingering pain that always feels like a cloud of rain.

Reaching the album's second half with track six, "Honky Tonk Church," we're shouting yeehaw as Caleb Mills turns up the heat with powerful country-rock instrumentals and his vibrant, rich vocals. As he leads us down to the good old Honky Tonk Church, where the cups are raised and the tunes are loud, Mills sets the party vibes high with picturesque lyrics that leave us itching to track down this haven for country music lovers.

Transitioning into track number seven, "Whiskey On The Shelf (Uncut)," this raw, acoustic version perfectly highlights Caleb Mills' stunning vocals and storytelling prowess. While the previous songs have done the same, this uncut version lets us into Mills' personal life, emotions, and challenges that keep him up at night. This time around, it's the helplessness he feels sleeping by himself, living it up in Heartbreak Hotel with his whiskey sitting on the shelf. This intimate piece is sure to win over the hearts of anyone who listens.

Maintaining the acoustic vibe is track eight, "Church Pew," opening with beautiful guitar picking and Caleb Mills' introspective vocals discussing his trials and tribulations. When it all seems too dark to handle, and he can't find an escape, Mills finds himself sitting in that "Church Pew," hoping the Man upstairs will answer his prayers. It's an incredibly personal, vulnerable song that highlights the troubles he's experienced in love and life and how he always turns to God when the light at the end of the tunnel fades.

Keeping the emotion at a high is track nine, "Handshakes In Heaven," which we can already tell will bring tears to our eyes. While a sweet acoustic guitar opens the song alongside Caleb Mills's warm vocals, he expresses a different kind of love - one that appreciates the life lived by someone he knows is still by his side. And once he reaches those pearly gates, whenever that might be, Mills is certain that he'll reunite with this beloved person once again. This beautiful song speaks to the universal theme of love, life, and loss, and it might be our favorite on the album.

Landing on the album's tenth and outro track, "Inside Of Me (Uncut)," we're met with soothing acoustic guitar picking and Caleb Mills' sweet vocals that express his relatable struggles. The lengths he's traveled, the disappointments he's faced, and the ongoing battles of changing wrongs to right, he prays that one day, he'll be able to channel the better man inside. It's the most vulnerable song on the album, and it closes the project on a note of growth, resilience, and doing your best when times get tough.

Caleb Mills is a force to be reckoned with in the new country music space, and his debut 10-track album is destined to catapult his career to new heights. Experience it yourself and find Caleb Mills' album, S-U-R-V-I-V-E, on all digital streaming platforms.


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