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Caliban Strange Encourages You To Follow the Strange And Check Out “Waves Of Laughter”

Comprised of Roland Hofer and Mark Church, Caliban Strange is an eclectic duo with over 60 combined years of music experience. The two have released 2 CD's and 3 EP's of their own and have more projects on the way. They create the music content from concept to reality. 

Based in Waterloo, Canada, Caliban Strange offer recording, production, and publishing services. Typical projects are co-operative joint ventures.Music is a healing ritual that captures the questions of our era and implicitly works towards a better future. They are innovating in new methods of connecting artists with their fans through modern distribution methods. Caliban Strange encourage all artists regardless of ability or disability.

“Waves Of Laughter” starts off in a unique way, with a monologue, it slowly develops into a catchy and groovy tune. With elements of blues and undertones of classic rock, the duo Caliban Strange. The spoken verses demand attention and the addicting chorus will have you toe tapping along. The smooth and precise piano takes the listener to another era while the vocals take you through a journey. With hidden elements of slight auto tunes, we can’t get enough of the experimental stylings of Caliban Strange. I highly recommend you check out “Waves Of Laughter” and the entire EP “The Solar Powered Rock”.

Listen to “Waves of Laughter” here and read more below in our exclusive interview.

Hi guys! Welcome to BuzzMusic! How did you the two of you meet and how did Caliban Strange come to fruition?

We started off in the 80s and were part of an experimental, concept band called, "The Powdered Brains". The brains were largely improvisational. MC Church gained knowledge through his engineering background and work wth technology, and Dr. Hofer through inventing. We managed to stay in touch with each other because of music. First it was "Caliban", based on the Shakespearean play, and later "Strange" was added. We became the Mobius Group. Since the millennium we have been producing live music and active collaboration globally. We hide behind the persona that 'Caliban Strange' is an alien and an ambassador who brought music to the earth to get along with the human race.

What's the meaning behind your track “Waves of Laughter”?

This is an interesting song, the full title is "Waves of Laughter: Sounds of Danger". The song explores the human characteristic of laughing in the face of danger. We use theatrics in our live performances. It has a contrapuntal element based on the singing group Sadler and Young in Vegas. This is an infomercial for our product "Rock Power". Waves of laughter is the intro to our show. Those that experience our lounge act are bought into the inner circle of Caliban Strange. Our debut performance of this piece was played in an off-strip Hotel. There is a video of us being interviewed on YouTube.

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

Music is like a psychic wave generator. We broadcast our music into outerspace, and once there is no more air for sound, the mushroom spores vibrate. It is like the bell jar experiment. Inside the jar, is a rock that grows mushrooms on it. The music is broadcast through the mushrooms like a speaker or amplifier. We believe music transforms attitudes and stereo biases. It is truly a healing substance. We want our listeners to experience new thoughts and emotions, hear something unlike anything they've heard before.

What can listeners expect from your EP “The Solar Powered Rock”?

The Solar Powered Rock is the rock that is changing the world. It is a metaphor for the planet. It includes the 70s song, an anthem based on Lewis Carol, It has Dali, the great surreal master, or Dr. Remington, a glimpse at the mind of a creator/healer. The music is like the pet rock. It is a phenomena.-A rare gem. It is for people who like their rock music happy and peppy with surprise mind-twists. It is mostly in a minor key. Think Tom Waits meets Leonard Cohen on the Jerry Springer show with Barney. It has been featured on reality television. 

What’s next for Caliban Strange!?

We are part of a grant from the Canadian government's Art Council to create a new model for musical education. We want to make music accessible for all. We offer a live interactive webinar for bands, to teach them digital strategy in a changing music environment. The initiative is called BandLaunch. We are teaching business and access methods for music and art. Bands sign up to an online Farm, and upload their music and photos. The animals can't get off the Farm but their music can. This is a totally unique opportunity. We are here to help bands and give back. Currently, we are in a period of great artistic productivity, creating enough material for several albums per year. Ideas are flowing, and we are tuning our gonzo stage performance so that we can visit to a city near you! Official music videos get comments like 'What the hell did I just see?"


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