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Californian Artist AJ La Joya Proves He Can Be Adventurous, Fun and Introspective in Latest Single

AJ La Joya dabbles in various forms of artistry, whether that's putting his skills towards singing, songwriting, producing, or recording, he's able to hone into a multitude of creative avenues.

The predominant style AJ La Joya adheres to, and we must use that word lightly because he really does expand and incorporate many other genre elements into his songs, is electronic pop. He smashes this genre by bringing in more eccentric tones, whether that be through the sonic fusion or his vocal delivery.

BuzzMusic recently heard the release "Hallucinate" from AJ La Joya, which was his infectiously energetic offering to adventurous listeners. The retro-like style that is embedded into his music is what resonates most with AJ La Joya, as his influences arise from the 80s era.

"Hallucinate" explored the depths of varying emotions and the power such emotions can hold, especially in regards to love. The song was one for the books, making us highly intrigued by what AJ La Joya will be offering next.

Read the full BuzzMusic article on AJ La Joya and his release, "Hallucinate," here.


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