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Calm, Cool and Collected Describes Sulls’ Latest EP 'Revelations'

Hailing from New York City, R&B singer/songwriter Sulls releases his expressive EP titled 'Revelations'. Not only using the EP as a creative outlet but a needed outlet from pain and despair that many of us can relate to. Sulls mentioned that his 'Revelations' EP was created to share these unfortunate experiences in hopes of finding listeners who will resonate with his deep-rooted messages. Fusing soulful R&B with the hi-fi touch of hip-hop and different dance styles, Sulls is an artist to keep an eye on.

Opening the EP with the first track "No One," substantial and dark synths grab our attention and locks in this gripping R&B/pop beat. An invigorating bass line hovers over the track, giving it that infectious rhythm. Sulls' vocals are incredibly smooth and full of breath, really pulling us into his calm and collected tone. A track is surrounding the break up of a rocky relationship, the bitterness, and pettiness of trying to top the other person all to realize they were never the right one for you. This mid-tempo track hits all the right places, passionately preaching independence and finding love for yourself.

Moving on to the next track, "Coldness," where it opens with nothing but a faint celestial pad. Creating an introspective and reflective piece with this track, the mid-tempo R&B beat gracefully supports Sulls and his personal lyrics. Singing melancholy lyrics of a toxic relationship that was only seen from one side, and feeling the cold air sink around your feet when recognizing the addictive behavior an abusive relationship can cause. Indeed running extremely deep and vulnerable with this song, Sulls shows incredible growth from the dark places he once was.

Reaching the title track "Revelations," Sulls jumps in on this upbeat track and adds energy to the project. A modern blend of the R&B/hip-hop beat keeps our heads bopping away with each kick and snare. Sulls' vocals are so lush and clear, as he sings lyrics with imagery of growing up in NY surrounded by many influential artists and music. Singing inspirational lyrics of not backing down when adversity arises, and constantly learning from experiences in order to grow. Once he seems to have the slightest bit of writer's block, Sulls always goes back to his roots and reminds himself why he began making music in the first place.

Fluttery synths and heavy melodies strike the next track "Ghosting," creating a deep atmosphere that's perfect for Sulls' broad sound. Moving into a soft mid-tempo beat, Sulls begins vocalizing these mysterious aspects of a woman who seems to continually escape him. Explaining this sort of trip where he's haunted by this intriguing woman, wanting to get to know her and why she appeared in his mind. A really melodic track that allows Sulls to use his sublime vocal range and mesmerize us with every note makes it clear that he's busy being mesmerized by this story-like figure.

As the EP reaches the beautiful outro track "Defining," Sulls mentioned that this was the most personal song on the project. This down-tempo piece strikes the heart with haunting ghost vocals, soothing piano, and tender strings. Sulls softly begins singing about heavy topics of mental health and finding what truly defines you in life. He sings lyrics surrounding different people, where one seems to be unhindered by their inner demons, while the other is struggling to find a good day. A track that lets you reflect on what's stopping you from succeeding, Sulls ended off his EP on an amazing note full of power and mental strength.

An intriguing project from the first to the fifth track, Sulls' EP "Revelations' finds its way over to our hearts, yet also to our minds. Brilliant concepts and the deep emotions Sulls provides truly keep us locked in and listening.

You can listen to 'Revelations' here.

Hey Sulls, welcome to BuzzMusic! We were captivated from beginning to end by your latest EP “Revelations”. Were these five tracks made specifically for the EP, or was it more a collection of prior songs that fit together?

Thank you for welcoming me, it’s a pleasure sharing my music with you. Actually, as I was putting together this project, I didn’t really have a clear direction on where it would lead but I feel that it came together pretty naturally as I continued writing. These specific tracks just seemed to blend well together in my head and felt like this project was me coming to terms with myself which is why I titled the EP “Revelations”.

Sulls mentioned that the most personal song on the “Revelations” EP is “Defining”. Is there a song that you think will be the most relatable and popular off your EP?

As I listen back to each track in its entirety, I feel that it’s a toss-up between “No One” & “Coldness” being that these tracks may be the most relatable as well as sonically enjoyable to listen to.

With each song on the “Revelations” EP, Sulls provides beautiful lyricism all the way through. Could you share what your songwriting process was like, and what kept you comfortable when writing from a melancholy and vulnerable place?

For me, as a songwriter, it starts from the connection that’s built around the tracks. I tend to write off a mental image I create while listening back to some particular track. Either I’m walking around in the city or grabbing some lunch, to me inspiration is found everywhere. I find writing to be therapeutic as I paint these visuals with words. Sometimes I may just get a line that gets stuck in my head - other times I’d get a full verse alongside the bridge and hook for most tracks I feel inspired to write on. It all depends on the feeling I get while listening back to these tracks I’m working on.

Sulls’ EP “Revelations” is the first full body of work we’ve seen from you since 2017, not to mention a single released earlier this year. Why did you take a break from releasing music, and what made you get back in the game?

When I had released my previous project titled “Written Scenes” back in 2017, my approach with this project was to show how versatile of a writer I was, but by taking the break between projects I feel that I was able to focus more on a style that better suits me as the artist I am. Also, I felt inspired to come back with a new approach to my music.

What can we expect to see from you next?

I’m usually incognito when it comes to pending projects, but one thing that I can say is that it will be an eclectic mix that I look forward to sharing when ready.


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