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Cam Blake Delivers Melancholic Excellence In “Meditate”

At the young age of 19, talent hip-hop artist Cam Blake has put in work! In the past two years he’s put in serious studio time and has written, recorded and produced three solo EP’s. With another EP on the way this summer, Cam Blake is never out of material. Residing in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada, Cam Blake’s genre bending style blends rap, rock and alternative to create a mind blowing sound.

Out now, Cam Blake dropped “Meditate” and we’re blasting it on repeat! Haunting piano starts “Meditate” off to an alluring start, when that beat drops and Cam starts spitting bars we’re blown away. His verses are polished beyond his years and his flow is incomparable. Cam Blake has been playing piano for many years and the melody throughout “Meditate” highlights his undeniable talent. His melancholic approach to his performance is what sets him apart in today’s music industry. “Meditate is a track about the anxieties of life building up and finding a way to self medicate and put those feeling at ease. Everyone deals with these pressures and it’s the perfect way for Cam to connect with his fans. Putting himself on the map in a big way and authentic to the core, Cam Blake is a name to be remembered. With so much success and experience already, we can’t wait to see where Cam goes!

Check out “Meditate” here or watch the awakening music video below!

Keep scrolling for our exclusive interview with Cam Blake.

Hi Cam! Can you start by telling our readers and fans about your upbringing into music? When did you realize it was your passion?

I was surrounded by music since day one. My dad is a recording artist and a music lawyer. Since I was young I was surrounded by all sorts of different music, Super Tramp, led zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers Bob Marley, just to name a few. I started playing writing and preforming music when I was 8 years old but I kinda lost my passion for it until I started recording rap music when I was 14. Since then I've basically spent everyday in the studio learning different instruments and getting to know the production and engineering side of recording.

What’s the meaning behind the lyrics of “Meditate”? How do you want listeners to interpret this track?

Meditate is about trying to help a loved one while also trying to help yourself and how difficult that can be. The story behind the EP "Abyss" tie into this song but that's the core idea. Listeners can interpret this song and any of my songs however they please, I don't things theirs ever really one way to interpret any kind of art.

Who are your top three musical influences? Why?

Mac Miller, Alice in chains and half moon run would be my main artist of influence. Especially since they're all across the board and I really like to have a lot of different genres play into the music that I write.

What challenges have you faced as a young, up and coming artist? How have you overcome those challenges?

The main challenges I've had to face are trying to make enough money to be able to pursue the achievements I've set out for myself while also leading a regular life. Another major one is trying to find the right people who will like to listen to my music, because its not always the most easily digestible thing to listen too. To overcome these challenges I've just had to keep working as hard as possible and put as much time into music as possible.  

What’s next for you Cam Blake?

My New EP Fast Love will be coming out in late July along with some live performance videos. The rest is a surprise.


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