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Camaro Hayes Fuses the Styles of Legends in Debut Release

Camaro Hayes is a Dallas based singer and rapper who creates music that isn't just one style or something too narrow. Since discovering what true artistry is like from the legends Michael Jackson and PrinceCamarohas been pushing the boundaries of what his sound can become. Camara has recently released his debut single "She for the Streetz" and it is a dark, gritty, anthemic high energy record that makes you bop.

This is a fantastic tune that combines so many different styles into one we don't even know where to begin. It features a reggae like organ like that remains throughout the song, a deep wobbling bass that swims around your head, almost ambient energetic electronic drums, and an incredibly transforming honest vocal that grabs your attention. The vocal wonderfully transforms in the song reminiscing of music from Prince and Usher, it keeps you interested from its one off ethereal effects, accent doubling, spontaneous adlibs, smooth flow, and honest raw lyrics that you're able to relate to. Everything about "She for the Streetz" has both familiar and fresh new feeling to it and we can't wait to hear whatCamarohas been cooking up for his debut EP later this year.

Listen to "She for the Streetz" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Camaro Hayes! We're loving your debut single "She for the Streetz"! What was the songwriting and production process for it like? Hi! Thank you for having me! And I’m glad to hear that you are loving my new single “She for the Streetz”! Well, the songwriting process for it was inspired by the troubled relations that many men and women face in today’s society and culture when it comes to dating, love, etc. And I wanted to come up with a song I can speak on that in a very brash, controversial yet entertaining way. So I took a popular term that was started by Future and made it into a anthem that everybody can not only sing along with but also relate to. I have found that if you can tap into people’s emotion and relatability while also entertaining them in the process. That is a formula for success. And the production for the song was done by BrownyBeatsTx and mixed by playmakinyella. Which they will also be doing my Full EP work, that I will be releasing later in the year! And we referenced Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow as a source of inspiration for what we wanted the sound and the feel of the record to be! 

We can definitely hear some of your influences in this release, what about them specifically did you draw inspiration from? Do you have any favorite songs from them? Yes, for my inspirations on the Hip Hop side of me as a artist. I would definitely say it was a mix of current artist that inspired me for this particular record. Definitely like I mention before Cardi B, a little of Big Sean with one of my favorite records from him “IDFWU”! And of course Future which you can hear on the intro of the track!! And a favorite record from him I would definitely say is “Monster”!

At what point in your life did you decide that you wanted to be creating music? Did you ever think your sound would be what it is now? I definitely have always had a passion for music. Ever since I was younger I was always dancing to music and imitating Michael Jackson with his moonwalk across the kitchen floor! And I was in band all through out school all the way up to senior year in High school! So music has always been apart of me, and I knew that one day I would fully dive into music as a artist when I was ready. And now I believe in myself more then ever, that this is my time to shine and put my work and art out there for the world to hear and enjoy! And also to be able to relate and connect with one another the way music can only do! But my sound is ever evolving, you will continue to see my growth  and who I am as an artist! Hip Hop is only one side of my sound, you will continue to see my other sides in the soon near future! 

It's quite exciting to be releasing a debut EP! Do you have a favorite song off of it? What was the inspiration for each song?

Yes, we are still in the process of making the EP as we speak! I have a very unique and innovative concept for my EP that I am very excited for the world to hear once it’s in full form! All you will have to do is play and enjoy the ride. It’s a story that everyone in this modern day world can relate to. 

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

You can expect a lot from me this year!! I will not only continue to push the single for “She for the Streetz” as it continues to gain steam and chart! You can expect visuals, more soon to be hit singles, features, mixtape features, EP features! Remixes, my full EP with special collaborations, also you can see me in other ventures such as Acting, Modeling, Dancing. Just stay tuned for me, it’s going to be a breakout year for me! And you can bet your money on that. 



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