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Cambry H Emits Quivering Emotion Over the Captivating Track, "Goodnight"

Cambry Hicks is the outspoken artist who uses his gender-neutral Music to promote social justice and reformation through his infatuating vocal intonations. As a fervent supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement uprising across the country, this Fort Wayne-native has made it his mission to bring awareness to the violence and hate spreading around the world.

This month, Cambry H makes moves as a young budding household name in the bordering dominions of Pop-hued ambiance and Contemporary R&B with his newest release, "Goodnight."

Often, the most profound sentiments in a song take root in a relationship's turbulent flight over a connection that's gone sour. This is precisely the scenario in "Goodnight," where Cambry records a summary of his overwhelming emotions over 24 hours to produce a fluid love-sick journey centered around the framework of the outlooks mentioned above.

Here, over the slowly developing pressures of the verses, and the stock-punching relief of the choruses, our intoner buzzes over the realization it took to move forward from a noxious relationship. The entire R&B glossed endeavor carries lightly over the shoulders of Cambry's prismatic echoes, as they flourish over the coloratura's buoyant Pop textures that he exudes with a timeless aesthetic from the depths of his diaphragm. There's a glimmering guitar that subtly massages the adjacent edges of this spacey mix, as it reminds us to buckle-down for a whole new level of emotion-inducing experience that's festering around the corner. Almost without warning, the primary detour in this nostalgia-inducing venture grabs holds of us with remarkable alacrity. Nearly two minutes in, Cambry breaks down the kaleidoscopic walls around him and plunges into a saturated variation of the hook, where his audacious energy issues us a rigorous after-glow we've been holding on to for days now. Simultaneously, a calamity of guitars, filtering accents, and oscillating pads festoon the final crescendos here, all while the clandestine textures of "Goodnight," edge-on with intoxicating intensity and burning heartbreak over the last roars of Cambry's voice.

As a whole, "Goodnight" showcases the affluence Cambry has over quietly devastating lyricism, while still highlighting his unwavering ability to give his music his all; both in spirit and passion, with his egalitarian approach to life at the center of his ethos.

Hello Cambry H and welcome to BuzzMusic. You wrote this single in 24 hours, and we're wondering if, throughout that creative trance, you learned anything new about yourself as an artist?

That's a good question. I think if I write something at the moment, it's as honest and a true as possible. I didn't have time to reflect on what was happening around me at the time so it's definitely a real-time thing. 

What were the binding emotions you needed to channel in order to achieve the performance you capture on this track, and if you could go back, would you change anything about the institutions behind "Goodnight's" inspiration?

I wouldn't change anything at all. The song is almost like a journal entry so listening to it now is kinda funny to me in a way.

What do you hope this single helps bring out in your audience after their first listen through?

Hopefully, it's relatable and I'm not crazy honestly.

If you could give us a few words that would act as the Prologue to "Goodnight," and to the new Music reaching us from your upcoming catalog, what would you say and why?

Straight fire. No explanations. You just gotta hear it!  What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

I just want to make things that feel good to people, and to myself most importantly. Whether that's focusing on the future, or channeling those nostalgic 2000's vibes, I want to create that escape.



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