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Cameron Jay Shines With Passion in Diverse Album 'December Son'

The historical birthplace of hip hop, Bronx, New York has birthed some of the most legendary rap stars through the past few decades. Icons like Fat Joe, Grandmaster Caz, Jim Jones, Cardi B, and more that have dominated the hip hop industry. We think we may have found the next prominent talent from the root of rhyme. Cameron Jay just released his latest album 'December Son'. This album begins with an “intro” of Cameron Jay spitting the pure truth to a relaxed beat with an old school gritty flare. The “intro” was more of a freestyle than it was a song, showing us Cameron Jay’s natural skills as a rapper. He delivers extravagant wordplay with natural breath control that displays how seasoned and professional he is. The next song that transitions in was “Peter Rabbit Jr”. “Peter Rabbit Jr” was a notable song in the first half of this album. Cameron Jay keeps our attention with the raw artistry and straight-forward delivery of his bars. “Peter Rabbit Jr” was memorable due to the realistic approach Cameron Jay took with this song. “Peter Rabbit Jr” has a calm beat with the perfect amount of bass and drums to give us that old-school rap we love.

The next song on the album is “Hustle". While listening, we were able to interpret that Cameron Jay isn’t like most of the rappers today. Instead of focusing on getting the club hyped, Cameron Jay drives his focus in his songwriting and value. “Hustle” had strong lyrical substance from not only Cameron Jay but the featured artists on this track. Artists such as Pretty Girl 1st, S da don, and King came through with a great in-depth approach to their verses while showing off great originality to separate their verses from one another. “To be the man, you have to beat the man” was spoke to us with a motivating conviction. This was a great opener to the next song on this album, “Champion”. “Champion” had us anticipated off the rip but most importantly gave us an enigmatic delivery! Cameron Jay demonstrated his ability to construct a song that will radiate great energy onto the listener and get you hyped! “Champion” was a hard-hitting club-ready song that was arranged perfectly on this album.

Ya Tu Sabe” is a song that impressed us, due to the diversity that Cameron Jay showcased. “Ya Tu Sabe” was vocally delivered in Spanish with a nice melodic rhythmic beat. “Ya Tu Sabe” showcased the thrilling multi-dimensional personality to Cameron Jay. We’re now feeling an unpredicted excitement for what’s next to come on this album. “Where We Are” was a nice vibe that projected a smooth-sailing canorous rap flow. The vocals delivered from Cleph was riveting and magnetic due to his rich-textured.

Lui Kang” is party-ready! "Lui Kang" is the kind of song you can play at a function and watch the room light up with excitement with its range in dynamics and rhythmical beat. The catchy wordplay was charismatic and fun, giving us a more outgoing aspect of the artistic personality of Cameron Jay. The next song on this multi-faceted album was “Sex In My Mercedes”. “Sex In My Mercedes” is the kind of song that’s going to set the mood right for both you and that special someone. The sexy vibe this song presents with it’s soulful and passionate beat creates a romantic and sensual aesthetic.

Cameron Jay continues to show off different aspects to his artistry that we’re finding to be as fascinating as it is impressive. The next song that comes in on this album was “Gold Chain”. “Gold Chain” took us back to the early vibes we recognized in Cameron Jay. His raw old-school rap flow that reeled us in during the beginning of this album returns to remind us how his true skills will leave a lasting memory on us! The album closes with the track “Miss You”. “Miss You” really moved us. We saw how emotionally heartfelt this album is. Cameron Jay spoke about the loss of his parents in this song. This was a sensitive subject to talk about and Cameron Jay courageously and naturally delivered his feelings and thoughts through a clean-executed flow on top of gorgeous instrumentation.

All in all, we realized how powerful this album 'December Son' was. Cameron Jay lost both of his parents in 2015 and 2018. This tragedy caused him to take a break from music to cope with the loss of his loved ones. He decided to put all of his feelings and emotions into this album. “December Son” showcased a side to Cameron Jay that many have never seen before. His vulnerability shines through this while he sticks to the roots of his sound, keeping some of his party anthems for his fans. Cameron Jay is an incredible artist who uses the experiences in his life to creating musical art that not only we will remember but its timeless appeal will stay cherishable to Cameron Jay himself.

Listen to 'December Son' by Cameron Jay here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Cameron Jay! Tell us about growing up in the birth-place of hip-hop. How has the Bronx inspired you?

1st off thank you for having me. Being From the Bronx and it being the birthplace it brings a standard of dedication to your craft. You have Names Like Krs Pun Fat Joe slick Rick and the list go on there was no way for me as an artist that I could cheat myself and fans not writing with integrity to the best of my ability.

Your album 'December Son' was tremendous. What was the most challenging aspect of creating this album and how did you overcome the obstacle?

Thank you for the hardest part of this Album was trying to stay true to me and not trying to do a lot of what’s going on today. I stayed as current as possible but had my own vibe to it it wasn’t so much dance or club music but a little more grown and centered around lyrics and being able to sit back and just listen. Also the death of my parents and having to find a way to express that was hard.

Can you describe to us the songwriting approach towards “Miss You”? The lyricism was very powerful.

It took a while for me to write it because of the heartache I had been going through. I lost my mother in 2015 and my father in 2018 so it was like peeling a fresh scab wound over and over again doing it. Just the memorize I had with them kept coming to my mind so to get it off my chest felt amazing and Tru Vocalz came with a great hood and Islima came and killed then vocals and set the record in the right place.

How would you describe the production behind “Ya Tu Sabe”? Knowing this was a new sound you were experimenting with, detail to us what elements you wanted to present!

With Ya Tu Sabe I wanted to do something different that was going to set me apart from the rest of the independent seen in Ny the vibe of the record just fit and was just undeniable it comes on people are going to dance and it felt amazing to see people who don’t speak Spanish or know what Ran Jay is saying vibe to it the way they do to the song.

'December Son' was a great piece of work that you should be proud of. What’s next for you Cameron Jay?

What’s next for me is to establish my Company Net Worth Ent supply more content with video interviews and merchandise. And on the artist level might drop another project or two in 2020 but definitely putting the videos out for December Son and will be performing try to hit the road outside of NY.


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