Camila Knight Expresses a Need for Freedom With, "Angels"

Giving listeners an atmospheric ride like no other, the Electro-Pop artist and Singer/Songwriter Camila Knight releases her empowering debut single, "Angels."

Aiming to create a safe space for the misunderstood and unsettled, Camila Knight's music makes anyone feel right at home. Merging electronic soundscapes with powerhouse vocals and compelling lyricism, she makes it incredibly easy to connect with her messages and get lost in the celestial production.

With her debut single "Angels," Camila Knight takes various pop sub-genres (Norwegian pop, folk-pop, soul-pop, art-pop, and electro-pop) to transmute her misty dreams into a musical reality. With each breath she takes, Camila Knight exudes independence through incredibly poetic lyrics of staying true to oneself and expressing the need for freedom.

"Angels" gracefully opens through a dreamy and atmospheric pop intro with Camila Knight's powerfully warm vocals accompanied by serene production and a subtle bassline. Once the toe-tapping pre-chorus hits with soulful and jazzy piano, we're buckled in for the ride as the transcendent hook takes the listener onto new planes. 

The precise synth work and arrangement of melodies bring nothing but bliss, all while Camila Knight sings lyrics of her dreams where humans are meant to be free. Ending the track off with an exhilarating electric guitar solo, Camila allows for the listener to feel this sensation of relief and renewal. 

Chanting her protest and vastly accumulating a fanbase to sing along with her, Camila Knight's single "Angels" brings infinite power to achieve the dreams that haunt you. 

Hello Camila and welcome to BuzzMusic. Congratulations on the release of your powerful debut single "Angels." Why did you choose this song to lead the way of your discography?

Thank you so much! I decided to release "Angels" as my debut single because of the message it carries. This song is very close to my heart and it came to me suddenly, like an epiphany. I wrote the lyrics in around 10 minutes as if someone dictated it to me. "Angels" conveys a message that I wanted to get out there and share with others. It gives an honest picture of how I feel about the world today. In the song, angels are humans waking up at last from a dream of life and waking up to a greater awareness of themselves. From now on I started calling my listeners "angels" and set up a community on my website (, also for those who feel they don't fit in, don't belong, or feel misunderstood. Choosing this song as a debut single just felt right.

Speaking on the lyrical content within "Angels," was the song inspired by an actual dream you had? What made you want to write a song expressing the need for freedom?

Actually, "Angels" has been inspired by my mum's dream where humans were angels without the wings, fallen from the sky not being aware of their true nature. It somehow inspired me at once, I sat at the piano and started to play, then the lyrics came to me. Personal freedom has always been an important matter to me. I feel that we're capable of great things if only we could free our minds from destructive, limiting thoughts. Sometimes unconsciously we enslave ourselves by staying in uncomfortable situations, running up debts, social conventions, hanging onto dead-end jobs, or relationships. At times I feel an urge to get away, just be in nature, run away from the rules of this world and this song fully expresses this feeling.

What was your creative process like when working with session musicians and producers/engineers for your single "Angels"? What was it like collaborating?

It was great! I collaborated with some fantastic musicians in this song, my bandmates: Jorge Gandara Vazquez, Freddy Lane, and Alejandro Nin Gonzalez. The track came together during isolation. We started by recording the keys and drums shortly before the lockdown, but the rest of the instruments and vocals were recorded during the quarantine at our home studios. We did video chats, talked on WhatsApp, sent audio notes. Then a great producer/engineer Sam Ray rapidly grasped my vision for this song and managed to put it all together. I learned a lot during the process, defining soundscapes, sound textures, and brainstorming ideas for the production.

We've heard that "Angels" is the first single released off your upcoming EP. What can you tell us about the forthcoming project, and how does the EP reflect who you are and what your music stands for?

Yes! I'm so excited about my upcoming EP, still deciding on the songs that will be featured on it. I can say that it will definitely include a versatile mix of genres, happy and sad tunes, atmospheric soundscapes, and groovy beats. I write songs that are personal, and usually refer to stories from my life or overheard, so the EP will be a collection of some emotional experiences, memories, uplifting thoughts, little moments of happiness, and internal battles. I naturally write songs with a message, something to reflect on, or just be empowered by.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?"

This year has been very transformative on many levels. Going away from the city and being in nature has helped me a lot to reconnect with myself and find inspiration. It's been a very creative time, I spent it on writing new songs, making music, self-reflection, and meditation. It was a perfect year to stop in our ways, appreciate what we have, embrace uncertainty, and learn more about ourselves.