Camila Knight Starts A New Chapter With Her Debut EP, ‘Uplifted’

Eclectic singer-songwriter and dynamic recording artist Camila Knight returns with an 'Uplifted' listening experience through her debut 5-track EP.

Camila Knight's music knows no bounds. She's known for combining atmospheric electronic textures with passionate vocals and empowering lyrics. Her magical, ethereal sound paired with daring lyrics are not something to miss. We invite you to experience Knight's compelling and touching music with her debut 5-track EP, ' Uplifted.'

The EP opens with the lead single and introductory track, "Angels." We've had the chance to feature this song, and we're thrilled it made it to the EP's tracklist. This song allows listeners to realize their power and the wings they have to fly through life's obstacles. Camila Knight's powerful vocals, paired with the song's lush and chilling production, will definitely help new listeners understand the empowering and relatable themes she's all about.

Moving into the second track, "Home," Camila Knight slows things down a bit with soothing pop instrumentation and her clear, bright vocals. As she begins vocalizing how someone lifts her up when the world is tearing her down, she takes us to the soothing hook while inviting us to risk it all for the ones we love. It's an incredibly passionate and thrilling ballad that later explodes with anthemic instrumentation and the brightest vibes. Camila Knight does an incredible job portraying those comforting yet overwhelming feelings that come with loving someone.

Reaching the EP's halfway point with "In My Mind," we spin into a bright and soft musical web through Camila Knight's gentle vocals, delicate piano melodies, and upbeat drums. This is a very powerful song that any listener can relate to. Knight's lyrics expand on trying to keep the negative words and thoughts away while navigating through the dark corners of her mind. This song is so cathartic and anthemic; it leaves us chilled with Knight's ability to express her deepest emotions through the sweetest melodies.

Floating into track number four, "Brave," we're met with an ethereal piano melody, soft background synths, and Camila Knight's whispery vocals. Before we know it, she drops us into a heated, groovy alt-rock atmosphere with a dense bassline and bright, pop-like drum arrangements. This empowering tune calls on the listener to look to the future with optimism, leave the past behind, and be "Brave." Camila Knight encourages us to speak our minds and never look back.

Landing on the EP's fifth and final track, "Familiar Places," the song gently opens with a fluttering piano melody and Camila Knight's airy vocals. As she begins expanding on moving on for the better, and trying to start something new, Knight reminds herself that getting over someone isn't easy. It doesn't help when she's reminded of their love by visiting "Familiar Places." But if one thing's for sure, Camila Knight is ready to leave that chapter behind and start anew.

Embrace the future with open arms and optimism with help from Camila Knight's empowering, relatable, and dynamic debut EP, 'Uplifted,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, CamilaKnight. We love the natural emotion and optimism you've placed into your debut EP, 'Uplifted.' What inspired this passionate and positive project?

Thank you for having me. I appreciate your kind words! This EP closes one chapter and opens up a new one. I started releasing music in 2020, and that's when I put out my debut single "Angels." As this EP encompasses two years, there wasn't just one single source of inspiration for this project. I wrote most of the songs featured on the EP during lockdown 1.0, trying to find some positivity within me and raise the spirits of my beloved ones. I always wanted my songs to transmit some uplifting message. Still, on the EP, you can find songs like "Familiar Places" and "In My Mind," the first one talking about letting go and healing after a breakup, and the second one tackles inner struggle and a mental turmoil. But both of them come with a feeling of solace and that if you're going through a rough patch, you're not alone there. I've always felt that music can have a healing effect, and that's what I intend to convey with my music.

Did you work alongside any songwriters, producers, or musicians when creating 'Uplifted?" Who helped bring the project to life?

I feel truly blessed to have collaborated with wonderfully gifted people on this EP. My bandmates are absolute legends: Freddy Lane on the bass, Jorge Gándara on the drums, Alejandro Nin González on the guitars (Angels, Home, In My Mind), and Jon Evans (Familiar Places). Production by Sam Ray (Angels, Home), Chris Campbell (In My Mind), and Rich Emery (Brave, Familiar Places). Mix and Mastered by Philip Marsden (Angels, Home, In My Mind) and Rich Emery (Brave, Familiar Places). "Uplifted" wouldn't sound the same without them.

Is there a song on 'Uplifted' that's the most personal to you? Why does that song stand out the most to you?

My debut single, "Angels," is definitely the most personal track on the EP. It was inspired by a dream where our angels fell from the sky without the wings to fly. We've fallen as we forgot who we really are, trapped in a dream of life. "Angels" refer to us as dreamers waking up at last. It's an anthem of freedom. In this song, my outlook on life comes through. It's the first song I felt that I wanted to share with the world, and it led to the creation of the ‘angelic community.’ The melody of this song, together with the wonderful production behind it and that guitar solo, somehow stirs the soul.

How does the 'Uplifted' EP capture who you are and what you stand for? How can new listeners get to know you better through this project?

The songs on this EP are a reflection of what I believe in. All of them refer to matters that are close to my heart. They talk about freedom, living according to your own rules, mental health, self-assurance, letting go, and having a healthy relationship with yourself. Basically, you can get to know me better just by listening to my music and lyrics. I always bring to my songs messages that feel urgent or important to me and seem to be especially valid in the current times. In my music, lyrics are particularly significant, and they are never random or meaningless. Many times when I start writing a song, lyrics come first and are the core of the song. The songs on the EP capture both my most vulnerable moments, my fragile side, and the bravest "get-up-and-go" moments. I love combining delicate intimate arrangements with powerful groovy basslines and drumbeats, which reflects those two contrasting emotional states and enhances the meaning behind the lyrics even more.

What do you hope the listener experiences with 'Uplifted?' What did you want them to think and feel after listening?

‘Uplifted’ is a collection of moments of joy, melancholy, confusion, restlessness, and happiness. I hope that after listening to the EP, you will feel inspired, encouraged, energized, and free. I would like my music to be a safe space where you feel understood, welcome, and above all, where you feel truly at home.