Camlann's Atmospheric and Dark Sound Will Reel Attract Your Attention

Camlann is a prepossessing band. They collectively create dreamy lyrics that have a mysterious and hidden side to them. The melodies are dark, yet ethereal. Camlann's sound blurs between Dark Post-Punk, New Wave, and Shoegaze, which unitedly, generates a sound that is full of rigor. They’ve mixed a haunting feel with dreamy aspects of neo-goth sound which is the pinnacle of their unique sound. In doing so, Camlann has successfully made its name as one of the most exciting new Post-Punk bands to come. As a teen alternative Dark Post Punk band from Jakarta, Indonesia, Camlann consists of Vinyl Godfrey as the bassist, singer, and songwriter, Bayu Tri as the guitarist and composer, and Fauzan Pratama as the synth player. They also have their own producer, Zan, and Arachne, who also contributes to the writing of Camlann's music. It’s quite obvious this band doesn’t need much of a thorough introduction as their skillset speaks for itself.

Camlann formed in early 2019 by Vinyl Godfrey, who always had a dream to create a Goth band. Camlann’s music is influenced by many types of eras, mainly in line with 80s traditional goth music, and shoegaze. The combined effect of the various sounds they integrate is definitely worth checking out. They released their first EP “The Arrival” in August 2019, and soon after releasing, Camlann joined the independent record label, Ordo Nocturno. If you’re wondering what Camlann’s currently working on these days, they’re in the process of working on their debut LP that will be out in 2020. For now, all we can do is patiently wait, listening to their current tracks to tie back our curiosity.

Listen to Camlann and their music here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic Camlann! What has been the biggest obstacle your band had to overcome so far and what have you learned from this?

Time management is the biggest obstacle for us since we're still in high school students and we need to manage our time to study and music. From this obstacle, we learned that we need to improve our discipline more. 

Talk to us more about your atmospheric sound! Did you experiment with any new elements in the production of your first EP, “The Arrival”?

Yes, we did, we experimented with the sound of 60s Surf and mixed it with Post-Punk and Darkwave. And we never thought that it'll be as atmospheric and nostalgic as this EP. Unfortunately, we will not make the same sound with our upcoming LP. 

What was the theme behind most of the songs on “The Arrival”?

It talks mostly about mental illness and the dark side of human nature. The EP itself is very gloomy, and the lyrics are mostly hauntingly depressing too. 

How would you describe your songwriting approach to your single “What’s The Worth Of Living”?

We usually write the lyrics first then the melody comes second. In this song, our bassist/singer (who writes this song), Vinyl Godfrey, really tried to express her mental state in this song. She was in a bad place at that time, that's why the lyrics are so dark and depressing. After the lyrics are done, the whole band composed and arranged the song together. Our sound is really influenced by The Cure and 60s surf in this one. The moody vocal, surfy guitar rhythm, melodic and dreamy synth, and upbeat drums made this song into a Post-Punk song that's influenced by 60s surf. 

How would you elaborate on the arrangement behind your single “I Can’t Forgive You”?

In this song, we're going into a heavy darkwave direction. The heavy dark and gloomy synth and the industrial drum beats are probably the main reason why this song is so gloomy yet so danceable.

We hear you’re working on your upcoming LP! What can your fans expect from this project? 

The LP titled, "The Forgotten Lost Fragments", and we're going into a brighter side of Post-Punk. We're mixing Post-Punk with Shoegaze and New Wave in this one. We're taking influence from The Smiths, The Chameleons, and Cocteau Twins in this LP. It will sound really different from our first EP. The first single from the LP will be released in December 2019. The LP itself will be released on mid-2020.