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Can Underground Fuzz Shake Their Heartbreak On Their New Release, “Crimson Moon?”

When one door closes, others open.

Forged in the chaos that was the COVID-19 pandemic, up-and-coming talents Underground Fuzz are a music project that isn’t afraid to experiment and mix genres. Having explored alternative rock, metal, grunge, shoegaze, and more, I can say there are very few musical avenues this talented band isn’t willing to go down! As Underground Fuzz continues to defy genres and expand an impressive catalog, fans of rock and alternative will want to keep these guys on their radar; we know we will.

With the release of their most recent album, ‘Karma Decibel,’ spearheading a foray into their heaviest sound yet, Underground Fuzz continues to evolve and adapt, even now. This versatility and willingness to experiment has been one of the primary reasons they’ve kept their fans engaged; every release simply feels fresh. In tandem with constant innovation and a genuine love for what they do, the passion that underlines every Underground Fuzz release has captivated the hearts of audiences the world over, and there’s no sign that this talented band is slowing down anytime soon.

As the first track of their newly released ‘Karma Decibel,’ “Crimson Moon” feels both like a herald for the other great songs to come and a standout release in its own right. The vocal performance feels like a little blend of shoegaze and rock, speaking out to you as if you’re in a dream and gently easing you into a hazy soundscape. Although lyrics like “I guess we’ve had to lose it all / And take some time away” might convey heartbreak, lyrics like “You’re not what I am use to / I guess you’re different” indicate that maybe, just maybe, the next dream will be different.

Underground Fuzz’s latest release, “Crimson Moon,” shows how we sometimes lose it all to find something better for ourselves. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Underground Fuzz’s latest release, “Crimson Moon,” on all major streaming platforms. Check out their awesome ‘Karma Decibel’ album, also out now.

Welcome to BUZZ, Underground Fuzz! We loved “Crimson Moon,” and we wanted to ask! What inspired you to choose this song for the opening slot on your new album 'Karma Decibel?'

"Crimson Moon" seemed to be a good transition showing Underground Fuzz's new direction from the previous album, "Venus," which had softer songs and "twangy" clean guitars. "Karma Decibel has a heavier sound, distorted guitars, and an adventuring more into alternative rock, even metal, which was a style that influenced the early musical journey of learning guitar and discovering exciting and fun music!

What was your favorite part of seeing your vision for “Crimson Moon” come to life, and what part of the creative process is your favorite in general?

At one point during the recording process, something was missing and it felt like it needed more time, so I just stepped away for a bit and let the brain refresh. It helped to gain perspectives on things and life and not to let yourself absorb by your art. As much as I enjoy the songwriting process, sometimes it can feel draining and take some energy out of you. You need breaks in between and not let yourself burn out. I like writing, jamming on guitar, sometimes repeating ideas to enter a trance, and sometimes new ideas spark like magic; it's awesome! I would definitely recommend having a healthy lifestyle, eating good food, sleeping, and listening to your body. It absolutely gets the creative juices flowing!

What inspired you first to start making music, and what inspires you to continue?

I just feel inspired some days and compelled to create something... it just comes out! I think it might be how I react to life and wanna make fun of stuff and enjoy it while I'm here. Sometimes, I wouldn't write a song for weeks, but I feel fine. I just don't see the point of forcing something if it doesn't feel inspiring and fun to pursue. If an idea makes me excited and happy or makes me feel something, I just go for it and go with my gut and instincts. Life inspires me. If you allow your imagination to try new things, there are plenty of things to write about.

If your fans could take one thing away from your music, what would you like it to be?

Go with your gut. Don't be scared to take new directions or even what people might say or think. An opinion is not a fact. Don't be discouraged if some people don't enjoy what you're into. If it makes you happy, you should embrace it and live your life fully. If you do things for the right reasons and get joy out of it by staying true to yourself, you'll be more happy and surround yourself with the right people, with love and passion.

What’s next for Underground Fuzz? Do you have anything you’d like to say to your fans?

At the moment, some new ideas are flowing around, and so are some new musicians! I would love to make some shows in the near future with new songs written in collaboration with the new members! It's exciting because I can finally collaborate with other creative people, share new ideas on the spot, and jam them to see how they feel. I have always enjoyed being in a band, and this might be the start of a new adventure. New music/album, perhaps? If you live near the area of Montreal, Canada, you might see us there!


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