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Can We Be Honest? Ruante Completely Delivered It With His New Hit!

Ruante, an R&B artist from Detroit, Michigan, has been singing ever since a child with a religious background. After his trip to Atlanta where he recorded his first single titled “Better Apart” which helped spark the idea for his first official record titled “C.I.B.H”. "C.I.B.H" which is an acronym for “Can I Be Honest”, is the relatable song we’re going to find ourselves emotionally connecting to. It discusses the story of a relatable relationship experience that most if not all of us can associate with. Ruante’s smooth-sailing vocals, silk-like resonance, and passionate delivery makes you feel as if he’s bringing true R&B back. That “feel good” sound that use to be highly popular back in the day seems to be resurrecting in a more contemporary and modern flare. With a hint of autotune, he showcases transitional paces in the tempo of his delivery from fast and staccato to melodic legato notes.

What I interpreted from this relatable hit is that the song discusses how the guy is trying his hardest to understand what’s exactly the downfall of the relationship. He’s trying to comprehend what’s going on with his significant other, and why she’s acting the way she’s acting. These lyrics alongside the melody can translate well across today’s generation and I can see this becoming a radio hit!

Catch Ruante's "C.I.B.H" here and check out the artists exclusive interview below!

When creating your first song “Better Apart” did you have any idea of the style and genre of music you were going to make?

Yes, I knew what lane I wanted to be in! A lot of my music is inspired by the 90s so you’ll hear a lot of story telling and painting scenes.

Notice any major improvement from your first release to your release now?

I’m more confident in myself as an artist and more willing to be vulnerable in my songs.


What inspired you to write “C.I.B.H” ?

“Can I Be Honest” was inspired partly by a relationship I was in and by relationships I would see around me. It’s a real story, something males and females can relate too.

If you could choose one artist to collab with, who would it be? Why?

Drake. He’s my favorite artist but besides that, the versatility he brings to songs would push me to become a better artist. Plus the song would be FIRE!

Do you channel personal experiences into your songwriting?

Yes, I feel that’s how you make the best music, real life experiences.

What’s next for you through 2019?

Be on the lookout for new music and content! You’ll be seeing and hearing from Ruante a lot more!


Stay connected with Ruante through the artists Instagram!


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