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Canadian Ambient Alt-Rock Trio Pedestrian Lifestyle Releases Their Latest Single “Dirt’s Song”

Coming from Thunder Bay, Canada, ambient post-rock trio Pedestrian Lifestyle releases their melodic single “Dirt’s Song”. Consisting of the musical works between Josh Talakoski, Leif Peltonen & Dylan Maxwell, the band and long time friends thrive off creating melodic and atmospheric sounds with their unique mixture of alternative and ambient rock. Through crisp falsetto vocals and echoing electric guitar, their latest single “Dirt’s Song” captures a gradual incline in tempo and instrumentation, leaving the listener anticipating what the band will serve next. The track effortlessly displays a sense of calm, and lets you take a step back from reality and reflect.

As “Dirt’s Song” begins, we’re met with down-tempo echoey electric guitar and heavenly falsetto vocals establishing the transmundane atmosphere. Gradually making it’s way to a shift in instrumentation, Pedestrian Lifestyle provides impeccable transitions with bright electric guitar and crescendo drum patterns. Around the midway point, we’re left with the satisfying downbeat of Pedestrian Lifestyle’s broad instrumentation incorporating a solid bass line feeding off an energetic melody. Their harmonically-rich variety of sound provides a breath of fresh air, all while closing out the track with powerful vocals creating an incredibly serene atmosphere. Pedestrian Lifestyle’s take on ambient alternative rock is something to check out.

Listen to "Dirt's Song", here.


Hey PedestrianLifestyle, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re thrilled to feature your latest feel-good single “Dirt’s Song”! Could you share with us where you found inspiration when writing the track?

The inspiration for this song was similar to that of our previous single "If I Surrender". We had a looped guitar riff that we jammed around within our rehearsals for a while and kind of built the song that way. The song itself is basically about making decisions for yourself even if certain people don't agree with them and knowing that at the end of the day if feels right for you then it is right. The lyrics are intertwined with a song from our 2017 EP "Surroundings" entitled "Consequence". That song was originally supposed to be another part that I had written for "Dirt's Song" but ended up becoming its own song, so the lyrical content for both songs is very similar and more or less about the same thing. 

“Dirt’s Song” provides beautiful instrumentation and well-crafted production. Did Pedestrian Lifestyle have a certain sound in mind when creating what is now “Dirt’s Song”?

This song had kind of been kicking around for a while in various different forms and arrangements. We played around with it a lot until we felt that it was just right. When we finally began to record it I think we just wanted to try and capture the best live vibe and make it sound very lush and full. We definitely worked a lot on trying to get the sonics for the song right without adding too much stuff onto it. 

You’ve mentioned that not only are you bandmates but long time friends as well! How do you think this helps Pedestrian Lifestyle’s creative process? I think the fact that we are all really good friends definitely helps. We are all kind of on the same page when it comes to making music and it just makes the process feel much more natural to do so with us being long time pals. Pedestrian Lifestyle clearly thrives on their well-blended mix of alternative and rock with a hint of ambiance. Are there other genres that your group might want to  experiment with in the future? That's a good question. We always seem to be open to the idea of trying new things and experimenting with different sounds. Over the years we've seemed to progress into a louder and louder band live so I think we can kind of see ourselves maybe moving into a noisier direction but who knows. We kind of just do whatever feels the most natural for us at the time.



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