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Canadian Artist Aman Dhesi Inspires With Debut EP “Day One”

From an early age, Aman Dhesi knew that singing and song-writing was in his DNA. By his early twenties he knew that pursuing music was his passion. As he refined his singing voice, Aman developed his song-writing abilities leading to live performances in numerous venues across his hometown of Vancouver, Canada. After relocating to Toronto in 2013, Aman became a finalist in a televised singing competition, received praise for his song-writing abilities and performed at World Pride in 2014. Fresh off the release of his debut EP “Day One”, Aman’s hope is that people get inspired listening to his music to take charge of their own lives and to shift their thinking from “maybe one day….” to “this is my day one.”

The EP “Day One” begins with an addicting and groovy pop track titled “This Ride”. It leads with a bright melody and a string of uplifting, comforting lyrics. The music is similarly hopeful, colorful and soothing. Everything feels very empowering and inspiring, letting the concept slowly but surely sink in for the long term. Keeping things eclectic and interesting, “No Time” offers the same clear characteristics that make up Aman’s sound and style. The positivity, the sense of empowerment and possibility, but there’s an upbeat groove now that feels a little like a contemporary pop-meets-80’s kind of vibe. Aman’s hopeful glow is infectious and lifts you up consistently throughout this project.

“Another Never Ever” lets you get a little closer to Aman through a personal declaration of difficulty. The honest approach and hard-hitting sound fuse well to give off a sense of realness that’s easy to connect with at this point within the EP. The second half of the song feels more like an overcoming, and what you ultimately takeaway is that it’s ok to have those struggles! This is a definite highlight and a personal favorite from the collection. “Rise Up” picks up the pace and offers an energizing rhythm and a fairly organic set-up that feels like a live performance. There’s an immediately catchy aura to this song and you can tell that a live performance would bring a moment of real brightness and togetherness.

The EP comes to a close with the distinctive anthem-like tones of title track “Day One”. Progressing upward from a simple, rhythmic and immediately memorable hook, the track slowly gathers momentum. It’s weight and color rise and multiply as things pour through. There’s a huge feeling of vulnerability and realness throughout this song. The concept of this track is to let go of the past and start your life with “Day One”, forgetting all your worries about “ maybe one day”. There’s plenty of room in modern music for songwriters who put so much of themselves into their work and who manage to maintain a clear and likable thread of individuality at the same time. The EP “Day One” is a joy to listen to in full, I highly recommend you give it a listen and stay on the lookout for Aman!

Listen to “Day One” here and read more with Aman Dhesi below!

Hi Aman! What can you tell us about your EP “Day One”? How did it come to be, and what does it mean to you?

“Day One” is the end point of a decade-long journey in discovering, fine-tuning and honing my artistic voice. Since 2009 I have been performing, collaborating with like-minded artists and working on developing myself as a singer/songwriter to release a body of work that reflects who I am as a musical artist. Artistically, “Day One” is a record that reflects the inevitability of transition and change and that moment where you step into a space to get yourself to where you need to go. Everyone has that moment where they need to evolve, upgrade or move into a new place in their lives and that all starts with “Day One”. Personally this record chronicles a transitional period in my own life where I captured many of these experiences on this record and how it led me to own breakthrough “Day One”.

Your voice is stunning on this release! How have you honed your ability over time?

Practice. Persistence. Patience. For any vocalist, ongoing maintenance of your instrument is a must and I was fortunate to work with an excellent voice coach who really helped me to come into my own as a singer. I learned how to express and embody the character behind the lyrics of each track and deliver vocals with confidence. I also think it is very important to recognize that the ability to sing is within anyone’s reach. We often shut ourselves down from singing because we are not born with an innate ability (not many people are!) but it is something that can be developed, nurtured and fine-tuned through consistent practice and dedication.

Do you think it’s easier to sing well when the song means so much to you personally?

Absolutely. Having an emotional connection to the lyrics takes the song to a whole other level. I’m a big believer in crafting songs that come from a place of emotional depth and that is exactly the approach I took in creating this record. When you are singing lyrics to a song that speaks to a moment that you experienced or resonated with you can hear the soul in the vocals. Nothing can replace that.

Can you dive into the lyrics of our favorite track, “Another Never Ever”? What emotions did you channel when writing this?

“Another Never Ever” is the first track I wrote for this record. It is a song about reflection which is an important element on the journey of getting to “Day One” of the next phase of your life. Often times we get into relationships and tend to repeat the same patterns or get involved with the same mold of a partner. This track is about that moment where you take pause and reflect on the shortcomings of past relationships and taking accountability of where you went wrong in the hope that it will lead to something that can last forever.

What are your plans and hopes as an artist throughout the coming months?

Live performances and touring so watch out! “Day One” will be gracing a concert venue near you so stay tuned :)


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