Canadian Artist And Vocal Powerhouse Peach Guevara Serenades In “Montreal”

Born and raised in South Western Ontario, Peach Guevara is now making noise out of Montreal, Quebec. The eclectic singer/songwriter has a passion for music as young as she can remember. The youngest and most rebellious of 6 children, Peach used her songwriter and instrumental talents as a means of escape. Dancing to the beat of her own drum, Peach Guevara dropped out of college and moved across the country to Vancouver Island on a whim. Peach has lived in Nanaimo, Tofino, and Victoria, finding musical inspiration along the way, while also finding a passion for social and environmental justice, being directly involved with groups like Greenpeace, Rise and Resist, Council of Canadians, and Wilderness Committee. Today Peach Guevara lives in Montreal Quebec, and is more than 2 years sober from alcohol. Releasing her debut album “Nude” late March 2019, Peach is currently working on her 2nd album “Feminine Rebellion” and plans to tour in 2020.

“Montreal” is a raw and vulnerable new single from Peach Guevara and we’re hooked. Her angelic vocals and authentic to the core songwriting has us singing along to every word. With elements of alternative pop within the indie-folk realm, Peach takes the listener on a journey and gives us a retrospective look at her inner thoughts and feelings. “Montreal” is an emotive love ballad that is only Peach’s spectacular acoustic guitar skills and vocals alone. Simplistic yet stunningly diverse, Peach Guevara is a force to be reckoned with. Stay on the lookout for this Canadian songstress.

Check out “Montreal” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hi Peach! How did you get started in music? What inspired you to start recording your songs?

Music has always been around me. I heard it in church, in the car, at home. There are lots of singers, and musicians in my family on both sides, but my older brother was definitely the one who influenced my passion for music the most. It's hard to say what exactly got me started. I will say though that one time when I was a teenager, my mother and I got into a fight because of my poor grades, and me not wanting to go to university, she meant well, she knew I had potential. My step father pulled me to the side and told me that I should just focus on music, and that there was nothing else in the world that he saw made my face light up the way music did. What inspired me to record my music, was when I first started playing my songs in front of friends, and they would ask me to record them so that they could listen to them whenever. I couldn't believe that they actually liked my music.

We love your voice! What age did you begin performing in front of others?

I was probably about 6 years old in school choir, but from a very young age I was always singing to myself (no matter who was around) at home. I was very self conscious as I got older though, my two older sisters were amazing singers, and they used to tell me I couldn't sing. When I was about 15 I met this group of teens (who are now lifelong friends), I found my voice again. They were jamming around a campfire and the one guy asked me to sing. I denied his offer, he insisted, it was a repetitive cycle for a bit, but I caved in. I sang and everyone went quite, so I instantly stopped. Then they all yelled for me to keep going, and so I did. I couldn't stop after that.

How do you musical influences inspire your sound?

I'm inspired by lots of different genres, believe it or not, some of my favorite music to listen to is progressive house and ambient techno. I think what truly inspires my sound is music that really hits you, leaves you in awe. Lyrics that floor you, sounds that haunt you, stuff that gets you high, makes you feel, remember. This is actually a hard question to answer without going on and on, or being dry, because there's so much good music out there, and I take in the feeling of music more than the actual technique or style. But I guess artists who I feel resonate with my current sound and inspire me to explore it more are artists Angel Olsen and Jessica Pratt, they are both total goddesses.

Tell us more about the meaning of the lyrics in “Montreal”

Ha, well it's definitely a love song. I wrote it when I was living in Victoria, British Columbia. I was feeling stagnant in the place I was living, but I was in a long term relationship with someone I really loved. I guess I wrote the song to help me process my confusion, the frustration of really wanting to commit to someone, but also really wanting to enjoy the opportunity to go to wherever I was called to. I guess this song was me asking myself if my relationship could withstand the many transitions in life. It didn't, but I got a good song out of it. 

What theme can we expect from your upcoming album? Do you have a release date you’d like to announce?

The theme is the same as the, title 'Feminine Rebellion'. It's anyone who resonates with the feminine side of the spectrum, but I also think it's for anyone who wants to push back against the patriarchy and toxic masculine. It's about healing softness, and embodying liberation.  It's still a process, I think there is more for me to experience first. I've only written the title track, and that was a year ago, so this might take some time. It would be wonderful to have it out by next Spring, but I will be releasing at least two singles before 2019 is over, so stay tuned!


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