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Canadian Artist Maddisun Washes Positivity Over Listeners With Recent Single, "Mountain Air"

Indie/Alternative Singer-Songwriter Maddisun hails from BC, Canada, and is here to showcase her unique folksy sound.

We get a real sense of authenticity with Maddisun's voice, and often times when we hear her music, we're brought back to a different time.

Maddisun is one of those artists that can effortlessly manipulate her vocal sound in order to create any flavor of the atmosphere. That's what really keeps us stimulated, and usually keeps us craving more. Finding success through her innate passion for the music world. Maddisun is set out to create a string of singles that speak to her heart and ultimately speaks to her listener's hearts as well.

One of the latest summer hits, "Mountain Air", was released onto her album "Self Reflections" this year, and it showcases a ton of Maddisun's inert versatility. 

"Mountain Air" is the exact kind of summer single that gives away its ambiance right within the title itself. Maddisun is able to create a tranquil and mountainous experience with this recent single, ultimately setting the scene for a relaxing and laidback listening experience. We get bursts of positivity and all in all genuinely good energy from Maddisun, and it's that genuineness that amplifies the naturalness of "Mountain Air".

Maddisun has a certain voice annotation that feels extremely airy and light. With her indie persona, combined with the song's use of string instruments, "Mountain Air" becomes the right kind of inspirational song that gives listeners a warm embrace. That's what makes us always anticipating the music of Maddisun, and what keeps us intrigued for the next release. 

Hello Maddisun and a warm welcome to BuzzMusic. What kind of story were you hoping to communicate to your listeners through "Mountain Air"?

Mountain Air is written about my travels/life in Europe, and the pull I felt from the mountains to return home. The song at its core is a travel and free-spirit anthem. I really want listeners to hear my passion and zest for life in this track. I draw from specific personal experiences I had while I was traveling, I bring it back to the overall theme that the mountains were literally calling me home. It's hard to explain sometimes, but the area I live in Canada is so special I do feel the mountains are magical <3 Also musically this song is so big and full of sound, I want listeners to feel that full sound in my music, and know that I am doing something much "bigger"  As an artist whose music is quite versatile, how does your creative vision change amongst each environment/message you set out to give listeners?  Ooh, this is a great and very specific question! My music definitely doesn't abide by any genre rules, and neither does my songwriting. I am always pulling inspiration from different mediums, whether that be new artists, or film/media, or some form of natural/environmental inspiration. The creative vision is normally very similar in each song/composition, usually, I am hoping to convey to listeners about something impactful in my life, and how I can relate it back to what we all can experience as humans. Different environments produce different tones of music, and sometimes certain songs take a more somber and reserved tone than others, this shift can present itself in many different ways.  Can you describe more about your connection with music, and how it felt to write and record your album "Self Reflections"?

I have always been very involved and immersed in music from a young age. My dad and aunts are wonderful musicians and singers. I grew up surrounded by all the music I could get my ears on. I usually chose classic rock, my parents played Van Morrison, Fleetwood Mac, Steve Miller Band, and many other classic artists on repeat in my younger years. I always knew I loved singing, and when I started school (age 5) my parents put me in piano lessons, I have played for 18 years now. As we grow and gain perspective, I find there is a lot of self-reflecting to be done. I have been doing this for years, I became really self-aware at a young age, and I have always carried that with me, I guess it's a form of connection to the self and the world around me. This is how "Self Reflections" came to be. I was reflecting and writing, and it felt very cathartic, and soooo true, like the most honest thing I have ever done.  Are there any live virtual shows that you're planning on becoming part of within the next few months? 

Yes! I received a grant to record "Self Reflections" and I will be doing a live-stream as a part of that organization. The stream will be through Showcase BC! on Sept 4th, on my Facebook + Insta. Hopefully, we can actually play a real live show for the album release in October.  What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

Writing, producing, and releasing this album has been the most inspiring thing I have ever done. I literally became sooo enthralled in my music bubble while we were recording, that I tended to forget this whole storm was even going on. I am just trying to gain as many fans and listeners as I can at this time, it's inspiring watching other artists do the same. I hope to start a Patreon soon, and I'll be inspired to create a new song every month for my fans! all the love in 2020.


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