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Nick Hedden Captivates Us With His New Single, “Wish You Could Be My Girl”

Windsor, Ontario, native Nick Hedden’s love for music was clear at an extremely young age.

The country singer/songwriter picked up a guitar at the mere age of five while backing that up with vocals a few years later. Drawing inspiration from genres like; country, Motown and classic rock.

Nick Hedden became wrapped up in his studies for a few years and put the guitar down. He then received his bachelor’s degree in Criminology and is currently working even harder on his master's.

All it took was one jam session for him to rediscover his love and talent for music, and he decided to pursue both. Not to mention that he’s also worked with multiple successful songwriters from Nashville and Texas, taking his music to the next level.

Nick Hedden’s compelling hit “Wish You Could Be My Girl” is a motivating love song that perfectly captures Nick’s musical abilities. From his soft vocals to a belting vibrato,

Nick clearly able to alter the sound and approach of his vocals to suit his supporting instrumentation. Starting off the song with a foot-stomping beat and lyrical imagery wishing for a girl of the wish from a fountain.

Nick Hedden’s lyrical storytelling is exceptional throughout “Wish You Could Be My Girl,” without missing a beat or shake on the tambourine.

Read our exclusive interview with Nick Hedden here.



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