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Canadian DJ Percival Releases Catchy New Single Called “Strange Life”

DJ Percival is a house music DJ from Toronto, Canada. To DJ Percival, house music is a language and emotion that has always been there for him during the highs, the lows, when you’re alone, and when you are sharing a moment with thousands of other people. It’s far from just a beat, but a rhythm that courses through your blood. House music has always had DJ Percival’s back, and he’s here to make sure that it will always have yours.

“Strange Life” is the latest single offered by DJ Percival. This is a great single that will have you reaching for the stereo to turn it up. The elements of this single all come together fantastically, from the beat, to the synths, and the arrangement which is complex and engaging. DJ Percival seems to have a knack for knowing what a song needs next, and the way his beats weave in and out of the arrangement showcase a thoughtfulness and maturity in his writing. With “Strange Life”, DJ Percival seems to have really hit the mark, and we highly recommend you check it out!

Listen to “Strange Life” here and get to know more about DJ Percival below!

Thanks for answering a few questions! First of all, would you briefly describe your background and how you first became involved with music?

I grew up in a town called Whitby Ontario, I didn't spend much time in school, I was more drawn to the party scene which involved a lot of days and nights spent in my garage bumping all the newest house tracks my friends and I could find. I do Construction as a career and after work I focus all of my time on my music and getting my name out there. This is my dream, to have my music heard, and appreciated. 

Who would you say your greatest artistic influences are?

Daft Punk was always my Favourite pair of DJs, and then my friends introduced me to Tchami, and from that point it was festival after festival, and those nights you can't remember but you don't regret. I've never felt more at home and more alive than in front of that main stage and after each festival, the urge grew inside, more and more, this overwhelming feeling to be apart of it all. I want everyone to lose themselves in my music as I do and as I did in all of the DJs music that got me through the years.

Do you have a specific writing process? How does your material come together?

I like to always find fresh sounds to work with, and so when I hear the right one I can create a general pattern that can be built on, and so forth. I can develop a track in a day, or in a month, I try follow the same process no matter the duration of it takes to create. It comes together like a puzzle, a puzzle that also follows a pattern. 

You’re from Toronto, Canada. How would you describe the overall music scene there for a House DJ?

Toronto is wicked for having the best DJs coming to performing and the clubs are all a blast to party at. For myself, I have yet to attempt to bump my music in club, I am primarily focused on creating music and mastering that process. I've had acknowledgement from local clubs, DJs, and artists on social media, which is my primary source of personal publicity. I think the overall music scene for a House DJ is pretty great, if you have the courage and confidence to stand up and believe you have music that's worth it.

What can we hope to see from DJ Percival going forward?

Going forward, I'd like to begin collaborations with various groups and artists to gain more knowledge and experience within the industry, and I would would like to start getting into clubs to DJ as well as showcase my music in front of a live audience. Each track created is like a lesson, I take every one as serious as the next and study everyday to improve. I hope to get my name up there one day, it just takes patience and time.


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