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Canadian Indie Artist Juneyear Creates Captivating SoundScape With “Water Lily”

Canadian Indie Artist Juneyear Creates Captivating SoundScape With “Water Lily” 

Hailing from Brampton, Canada, Juneyear has been making music since a very young age. Always drawn to being a musician, it’s not surprising that Juneyear has decided to pursue a musical career. The experimental indie artist has a full-length album out now titled “Mr. Nobody” and an upcoming 3 song EP titled “some dumb love songs” coming out in October 2019! He says that this will be his most versatile project yet and show his listeners a side of himself that he has yet to reveal. 

Juneyear’s latest single “water lily” is a smooth piece of instrumentation. It’s soft and organic intro leads the listener into a vast soundscape.

The lyrics are simple, the leading voice has a certain easy-going joyfulness about it, and the simple few notes that make up each line create an immediately memorable, minimalist yet rhythmic thread, which continues to keep you involved from start to finish. Things continuously evolve in a manner that refuses to succumb to your expectations. Again, this is something that ties in with the lyrics of the song and it just makes sense. From a songwriting perspective, “water lily” leaves you contemplating that melody over and over. It’s the perfect, unexpected earworm of the moment. 

Check out “water lily” here and read more with Juneyear below! 

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