Canadian Pop Artist Julian Daniel Release New Anthem “Lemon Tree” Ft. VERONICA

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Julian Daniel is a talented pop singer/songwriter making his name known. Growing up in a musical household and being involved in activities such as musical theatre, vocal lessons and dance he has always been one to be involved in the creative arts. After finishing high school, Julian then decided to dedicate his time to his music and transform it from a hobby to a career. Julian Daniel has been able to create his image and sound that is unlike any other current pop musician. Everything fans and listeners see is 100% authentic and creatively controlled by Julian himself.

The first few moments of “Lemon Tree” are simply a delicate, dreamlike ambiance. Then you get the piano coming through, a light beat, and a sense of rising energy. Finally, the leading voice and the full beat smash onto the scene. The beat is bouncing, fast-paced but sporadic and the soundscape has been built creatively around the entire journey. In contrast with the weight of Julian vocals, Veronica enters with her voice that is fairly gentle, the contrast is mesmerizing. The sound is mildly electronic, but not to the point that the natural emotion of the performance is lost. “Lemon Tree” is a deeply thoughtful song but one that takes determination and realness to heart and presents both brightly and vibrantly. The lyrics are beautiful, partly poetic and cleverly metaphorical, partly intimate and personal on a very honest level. Absolutely worth a listen, stay tuned for more from Julian Daniel.

Check out “Lemon Tree” here and read more with the artist in our exclusive interview! 

Hey Julian! Was this your first collaboration with Veronica? Her voice is beautiful! Can we expect more in the future?

Working with Veronica was the most natural process. We were both in the same mindset and the song was written in one session. I would ALWAYS say yes to working with her again!

What does your new song “Lemon Tree” represent for you? What do you hope your fans take away from?

Lemontree is song that was written from a concept of being “forever young”. I hope my fans can relate to this song in whatever way that can take them back to a summer memory.

Your sound and style is very unique! Who or what inspires you to continue making music everyday?

I have always liked and looked up to artists who were a little “out of the box”. I knew I always wanted to create music that was unique and had a different sound. Getting messages from fans and seeing them listening and relating to my music is the main thing that keeps me going.

How important is vulnerability in your songwriting? Are you ever worried you’ll give away too much or is it better to stay transparent in writing?

When writing new music, I always want to show the real me. As nerve wrecking as it may be to be fully transparent when I’m writing music, it’s better that my fans fully see me on an authentic level.

What can you tell us about your upcoming EP? Do you have an official release date we can mark on our calendars!?

This EP has taken every ounce of creativity, emotion, and thought out of my head over the past few months, I’m so excited for everyone to listen!  We’re in the final stages of putting everything together, and I want to make sure it’s perfect before it’s released. Check me out on all social media platforms to stay up to date with all the E-BOY tea!


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