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Canadian Pop Songstress Mauve Drops Angelic Hit “Close”


Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Mauve is an up and coming pop artist with an eclectic and playful sound that will touch your soul. She’s been creating a buzz on the internet for her fusion of genres. Her songs have gained almost 400k streams and counting on Spotify. She’s an energetic, engaging and passionate performer! 

Already well known for her incredible vocals, Mauve just dropped her spectacular angelic hit “Close”. Modern with a hint of melancholy, Mauve keeps us captivated through her descriptive lyricism and intense sound arrangements. I love the textured layers of instrumentals and powerful synths all fused into one heart melting ballad. Island vibes of Tropical House weave with EDM production to establish the song of summer 2019. “Close” features hot notable lyrics such as “Anything this good, Cannot be Close enough” to describe the overwhelming feeling of a connection with someone that is so strong you CAN’T get close enough. As a vocalist, Mauve is gifted beyond her years and we can’t get enough! She’s earned her success and we’re excited to see how much further this rising start will go.

Listen to “Close” here!


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