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Canadian Punk/Metal band Maso·K·ist release New Single “Inner-Space”

Maso·K·ist is an exciting punk-rock/metal band from Vancouver Island, Canada. Their new song “Inner-Space” is made of up short lines and moments, distinct riffs and lyrics, plenty of space and rhythm. This gives it a quickly memorable aura, not unlike the way that effective pop music tends to work. With this, that leading voice, complete with its depth of tone and that near-whispered rasp, walks hand-in-hand with the simple swagger of the guitars, the bass, and the drums. You get a slightly indie-rock, anthem-vibe from this set-up – reminiscent of the sound of the mainstream just a decade or so ago. Maso·K·ist make sure to keep bringing you back to these elements that make the style their own. Part of this is the softening reverb and production approach, and the overall concept.

“Inner-Space” is well worth listening to in full more than just the one time. The groove is easy to get into anyway, partly nostalgic but generally just a pleasure to play at volume, the lyrics though offer a little bit more each time. They connect for their originality, for their honesty, and the mild sense of vulnerability they seem to share. Hopefully, we’ll be hearing a lot more from Maso·K·ist in the near future! 

Check out “Inner-Space” here and read more with Maso·K·ist below! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic! It’s a pleasure to chat with you! Who are the members of Maso·K·ist and how did the band come together?

Masokist eagle – “Back when I was studying music at Selkirk College in Nelson B.C. I was asking myself why I’m even doing music if I’m not putting on extreme punk rock shows to match the intensity of my songs. So one morning I woke up feeling all sorts of sad and decided to make a band called ‘Orangutan Dang’ so I opened a word document and wrote, “Orangutan Dang is… Masokist  eagle,” and so on and so forth and recruited Kyle Albrecht on guitar, Jordan Lysenko on drums, Devon Gestrin on Keys, and James Still on bass… I had the entire band formed by the end of the day. As you’ve probably figured out I eventually decided to just use my first name stylized as ‘Maso·K·ist’ because it’s harder, things are always more fun when they’re hard.”

Do you believe that the way you intend to communicate your messages through your music is easily received by your listeners? What is the meaning of the lyrics within “Inner-Space” and how do you hope your listeners feel when hearing it?

M.e. – “What listeners? (Laughs) I encourage people to think for themselves when it comes to art. I feel when I tell someone what my message is or the point I’m trying to make it limits their perspective and the impact a song can truly have on an individual based on their own experience, who am I to tell you “that’s not what the songs about”. Make it your own, you as the perceiver are now the creator…. and without giving too much away, that is what ‘Inner-Space’ is about.” 

“Inner-Space" was an incredibly versatile and category transforming track. Where did you draw the inspiration to create this particular type of sound?

M.e – “It’s funny you should ask, because with any of my other songs I’d be able to tell what I was listening to or what I wanted to sound like, but the music for ‘Inner-Space’ just came out of nowhere. I was just chillin’ messing around between two chords and slipped in this awesome bass line, it was a very thoughtless process to say the least. Lyrically though I had recently heard The Cures ‘One Hundred Years’ and was intrigued by Robert Smiths opening lyric “It doesn’t matter if we all die”, I thought it was such a heavy mood to start their ‘Pornography’ record, so I immediately wrote down the opening lyric for Inner-Space “Everything that’s living will one day die.” And that got the ball rolling for this song, thank you Robert.”

How would you say that "Inner-Space" compares to the kind of music you curated when you first started out as an artist?!

M.e. – “You know, ‘Inner-Space’ is actually the first song I ever wrote. For you guys on the internet it’s brand spankin’ new, but for me it dates back about seven years while I was just a kid in high school attempting to make good choices and healthy coping mechanism for the first time…. nothing worked (chuckles). How I write now there’s definitely a stronger delivery and I’m more foul mouthed with my vocabulary because when I was kid I didn’t think could speak or say things the way I do now… I probably just care less, or maybe my brain is degenerating to a lower moral state, or perhaps I’m just ugly… so many questions not enough answers. When I wrote this song I was very unsatisfied with the lyrics, but over time I’ve come to appreciate the innocuous element that surrounds this track and wouldn’t change anything about it for the world.”

It was awesome to be able to present "Inner-Space" here on BuzzMusic! What do you think is next for Maso·K·ist? Where do you hope to progress within the next couple of years?!

M.e. – “As of write right now I don’t have a live band to perform with and I'm temporarily located in the only town on Vancouver Island that has a strip club which is where I like to spend my Sundays for religious reasons. I hope to move to Vancouver and maybe reform Maso·K·ist with different people because our live shows were truly a spectacle that Nelson wasn’t able to handle. But I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to limit myself so it’d be cool to collaborate with other artist or join someone else’s band. I’ve been playing a lot of Queen & Black Sabbath on my bass because I love those bands and would really like to play bass for someone, or sing.

Our Next single ‘Pro-Create Hate’ drops on November 29th and our ‘SEx SELLS’ Ep is due December 6th  which will feature our final single ‘ignorance is Piss


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