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Canadian Rapper Yung Lavish Brings the Attitude in Her New Single “Vivid Memories”

Emerging Canadian hip-hop artist Yung Lavish releases her new single “Vivid Memories,” which spreads infectious lyrics and emotion.

Being born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Yung Lavish embodies a unique personal sound that showcases the various connections she has been able to make in her city while still illustrating distinct respect for her culture.

“Vivid Memories” connects Yung Lavish’s focused lyrics with a melodic instrumental that drops strong beats in a way that heightens her drive and personal mantra within the track. Each verse flows together in such a way that captivates listeners and draws them into Lavish’s confidence and powerful energy, encouraging them to act in the same way.

Clearly shown in lyrics like “I got up out of these feelings” and “I got an attitude” it is clear Yung Lavish writes her music with a feeling of strong inner purpose that will ultimately lead her to become one of the hardest female rappers in the entire rap game.

Connections to The6ix, (Toronto,) have given Lavish the opportunity to produce her music with some of the best producers, thus leading a new distinct female rap culture that is fueled by motivation, passion, and pure attitude. At only 21 years old with this kind of success, we can’t wait to listen to more of her powerful tracks that inspire so many.

We really enjoyed your new single "Vivid Memories." What was your influence behind this confident and powerful track?

I appreciate that. The influence behind this track is based entirely on my own experiences. Encounters I have had in the past. This is a track that tells a story I’m sure many of us could relate to, and overall it was more about showcasing exactly what I could bring to the table. I wanted to take a risk and maybe influence others to do the same. Why not?

You mentioned the importance of Toronto in the creation of your personal sound and production connections. How do you think your background has impacted you as an artist?

Toronto has shaped so many stories for young and talented creators. It’s incredible to see where we come from. My background is interesting. I have been around the music scene in this area since I was about two years old. One of my family members is a producer and he first brought me to his home studio when I was 8. Ever since I just knew this is where I wanted to be. Something in my spirit has just always told me ‘I have to work hard, so I can be the best.’

Although there are other multi-successful female rappers in the music scene right now, how are you influenced by them and how are you unique?

With all the talent in this industry, it always excites me to see all of the skilled and successful rising women who are emcees, women who are artists who are effortlessly popping off and taking the reigns on the lead, in a sense. It would be impossible not to be influenced by them. I feel a sense of pride—knowing that this is the road they are paving. Amongst the new wave of female rappers also coming into the scene, what makes me unique is I just don’t take my foot off the gas. It’s always something I’m doing to better my brand. I’m an event planner, a non-profit business owner, a charity lover all that. I’m always finding ways to connect, network, and sell myself. So I apply the same mindset, to my music.

You mentioned that “Vivid Memories” holds a motivating power and your personal mantra, how were you able to create this while connecting to your other singles?

Yes, “Vivid Memories” does hold a bit of weight. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t appreciate false pretenses. If you really listen to the lyrics I just speak about men taking what they want out of a connection and leaving out what they don’t. Instead of just throwing the whole thing away. No sense in stringing anybody along, and there is no sense in disrespecting me when I set a boundary. When it comes to connecting this track to my other singles, I don’t necessarily try to connect separate projects but I guess some could say I follow along the theme of taking risks, speaking your mind, and when people do you wrong the best thing to do is to just keep it pushing & tilt that head up.

What's next?

Thanks for asking, I just announced on Instagram that I will be dropping my first EP mixed-tape this year. It is going to be the hottest project out the west, so make sure you follow me on everything so you don’t miss a thing. I also have a lot of collaborations coming your way too, so hopefully, you guys enjoy those as well. It’s a whole lot of new shit we got coming in this year.

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