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Capé’s Hard-Hitting Flows Will Have You Shook In His Brand New Single, “Outtactrl”

Capé is an emerging artist from Ottawa, Canada who began writing raps in his dorm room as an immigrant student. This was his way of coping with a multitude of life struggles in which includes homesickness, anxiety, college stress, and more. He prides himself in referring to himself as the student of the game. This is evident in his different fusions of hip-hop, from a modern take on 90’s old school jazz-infused vibes and more.

The moment the beat transitioned in “Outtactrl” I just knew Capé was about to snap! And he did exactly that. Capé goes crazy and it was so overwhelmingly hard-hitting you were just mesmerized throughout. Capé’s lyrical ability and delivery were INSANE. His flow was incredible. The way he switches his entire articulation while keeping a high level of energy was just cultivating. Capé wordplay is something remarkably interesting. He hits every bar and every line with intense electricity. The punchlines and charisma shown was fire! Capé is what I can label an MC. he’s not like these other rappers who can possibly only deliver one specific genre of rap. (Trap, lo-fi, etc.) he has a lyricist element to his artistry in which evokes the thought of diversity. What else could Capé do as a rapper? You’re instantly highly invested into Capé and this is a great indicator of a newly generated fan. After listening to “Outtactrl” you’re instantly longing for the next hit. Capé will create many waves in the industry and we see a career filled with longevity and success for this promising rapper.

Check out "Outtactrl" here and read more below in our exclusive interview with Capé!

Thank you for sharing your music with us Capé! Before your college experiences, were you ever interested in music?

As a kid growing up in the middle east i was always around different types of music, Whether it was Hip hop, Arabian music, and even classics such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and many others. I was always intrigued by all types of music and definitely an avid listener of hip hop since a very young age. My interest in making music only started during my second year of Engineering at Carleton university. 

Who would you consider some of the greatest that you look up to as a rapper?

I study all kinds of hip hop but my earliest memory of my relationship with hip hop would be me bumping The notorious B.I.G nd Eminem on my school bus as a 6th grader. As i learned more about the genre and got invested into it I found myself looking up to rappers like Kendrick lamar, J.Cole, Logic, Biggie, and Nas. I'd say these are the rappers i look up to most.

Let’s talk about “Outtactrl”. If you can highlight the main theme behind this song, what would it be?

This song is 2019's anthem for any underdog. It's the single of my debut EP, "Genesis".

As a rapper, what are some challenges you face in writing a hit?

One of the challenges that i find is sometimes an idea can take months to fully grasp and write about. Another challenge that i find that i'm sure many other artists can relate to is second verse syndrome! Trust me it's real. Second verses can be challenging sometimes after you finished the other parts of a song. I believe the best songs could only ever be finished organically.

Any fun summer plans for you Capé ?

-Other than performing the songs off my debut EP "Genesis" that just came out, i'm looking forward to collaborating with artists, producers, and videographers to continue creating and sharing art with the world.


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