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Captivating Alternative Pop Band UNFITS Releases Their Upbeat Track “Satisfy Me”

Alternative Pop band UNFITS is moving mountains with their latest single “Satisfy Me”. Consisting of frontman El Sueño and multi-instrumentalist/producer Eric Scullin, the group derives off chasing their dreams without relying on a plan B. Coming from incredibly impressive musical backgrounds, UNFITS draw their captivating backstories and create engaging well-rounded and impeccably produced music. Their energetic hit “Satisfy Me” exploits the groups' passion for rich production and supporting yet empowering vocal arrangements. Frontman El Sueño mentioned “I originally wrote the song with just an acoustic guitar”, yet “Satisfy Me” turned into an incredibly modern and upbeat electro-pop track.

The song begins with subtle electro-synth chords producing a warmhearted melody, with an intriguing ghost vocal sparking an electric ambiance. Awaiting the arrival of El Sueño’s clear and warm vocals. The verse consisting of vocals, an enticing electric kick drum, and melodic synth progressions, all leading to the energetic drop of the chorus. With an eclectic mix of sound effects and drum patterns, the track’s chorus perfectly portrays the bright imagery that UNFITS is intending to display. “Satisfy Me” grows progressively stronger in production and instrumentation, capturing the attention of any listener and creating a profound and unique music experience. UNFITS are definitely a group to keep your eye on.

Listen to "Satisfy Me" here.

Hi UNFITS! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re incredibly excited to feature your enthusiastic single “Satisfy Me”! Where did you draw inspiration to write the energetic track?

I got the inspiration to write ‘satisfy me’ after traveling to 50 countries and feeling like I had experienced so many things, but still needing to be satiated.

The lyrics in the bridge read:

“I’m going round, round, round, My Amnesiac.

Life is lust and we fade to black.

Turn, turn, turn I see advertise.

I can’t get off anything in life. “

You have to experience a lot of things to be able to get to a point where you can’t get off on anything in life.

To be straightforward, your band’s brand consists of “dream it, do it”. How do you maintain to incorporate that theme through your music?

We see the world as a simulation or a video game. Each of us are born into this world as “players.” Similar to players in a video game. Ultimately, your experience in life is predicated on the results of what you imagine for yourself to be true. Nothing really comes into the reality you don’t already believe to be true before you see it.

Are there any genres or artists that have inspired your group, or you individually?

Our favorite artists to listen to right now are Saint Jhn, The Weeknd, Daft Punk and Tame Impala.

You’ve mentioned that your live shows are definitely worth the watch, seeing as the technology is also a big part of your brand. Any upcoming shows in 2020?

Absolutely. We are currently creating visual Cinema 4D artwork to play on huge 20’ digital screens behind us. The visual elements complimenting the music are a big part of our vision.

What can we expect to see next from UNFITS?

We’re excited to release our directorial debut music video. We shot the video in 7 Countries. Part of the video was shot in an active war zone in Ukraine as well as tropical hideaways like Bora Bora. The narrative of the video has a matrix type message of a character in a simulation who is being fed experiences via computer chips into his neural pathways. Our next music videos and shows will all compliment this video and take our fans on a journey.


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