CardNoire is Feeling "Disconnected" and Isn't Afraid to Vocalize It

Recording artist CardNoire is showing off his singing, songwriting, and guitarist abilities all within his latest track release, titled "Disconnected".

CardNoire puts priority into sharing real and raw speculations of his life, which crafts this genuine connection he's able to extend out to his listeners.

With a sound that amplifies alternative rock, CardNoire also sets his sights on maintaining a strong instrumental sound that accompanies the blunt of his lyricism within a variety of released tracks. 

CardNoire takes the opportunity to outline very humanistic realities within his new single "Disconnected". There's a very truthful component that CardNoire shares within this track, and hones in on the burnt-out feelings that can arise from feeling disconnected and out of tune with one's self. The persistently strong electric guitar presence is what elevates the lyricism presented in the track, and helps listeners become more emotionally in-tune with the thoughts and expressions of CardNoire.

"Disconnected" touches the surface of certain discontentment emotive, and CardNoire doesn't let their projected ambiance waiver for a slight second for the entirety of the track. Keeping things consistent, "Disconnected" accurately depicts the unrelenting expressions of loss, displeasure, and confusion. In essence, CardNoire allows for a human glimpse into the world of feeling, well, disconnected. 

Considering the realities presented in your single "Disconnected", what kind of influence did you experience and/or receive in order to write such a single?

I wrote this song during a slightly darker period of my life... I was growing farther and farther apart from people I cared about at the time. And, a minor health scare also didn't help pull me out of that rut. Virtually overnight, I just lost any and all motivation and interest in anything I tried to do. I'm a very passionate and intense person and anybody who's met me can definitely vouch for that. The feeling of apathy and disconnection from everything really put me in a situation of distress and it was the first time in my life I truly felt helpless. And that's how I wrote it. To quote my own song I really was "surrounded in my pit of pain through apathy" I've always wondered what apathy felt like until that point in time, I just never had the ability to process that emotion, I think. 

Were there any aspects of "Disconnected" that you felt established a very sincere relationship with your listeners as a result of? 

Yeah, actually. A few friends reached out to me saying that they had really related to the lyrics when they first heard the song and that they enjoyed the way I conveyed my rough times through this song. I'm always really honored to hear when people relate to the songs I write. 

How do you feel that "Disconnected" compares to the songs presented on your 2017 EP, 'Intensity'?

The intensity was definitely a phase in my life perfectly captured in audio format. The EP was fueled by this teenage obsession of trying to make something that your friends would enjoy. Most of the songs are just little snapshots of different experiences I had as a younger person and I'm not afraid to say I'm very proud that I was able to write, record, and release a work of music before my 18th birthday, but that's also what hindered it in a sense. I think this time around, I bring to the table something I didn't have the last time and that's just more experience writing, creating music, and living life scenarios you typically hear songs written about. 

What kind of steps are you looking to take for the product of your next sound/release?

Honestly, I'm doing a lot of the same things. I'm still an independent artist, I still do all my social media and business-side work. The only difference is I've learned my lesson on creating more content and engaging more with the type of people who care about the music I write! Outreach can be difficult for a young artist. It's always hard getting your name and your music out there to people you've never met before and I'm always finding more and more ways to create a buzz! 

What has been keeping you driven while creating new music this year?

The nice part about this year for me is that it has been one focused on self-reflection. I like getting out of the house and getting into nature whenever possible, taking walks in my neighborhood really brings out my expressive side. I don't like formulaic writing processes. I treat the process of writing every song differently, but they're all tied into momentum and a flow state of work for me. Sometimes I take no breaks all day until I have the song ready, sometimes the whole day is a break from whatever I'm working on. Listening to others' music is a great inspiration to create for me. I love finding new sounds from different places and I love re-discovering things I was into that I forgot about or stopped listening to as time passed by. I recently also got back into playing video games too! Warzone has definitely become my latest way to pass the time. It doesn't help with writing, but it's an enjoyable way to blow off steam for me.