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Careful Gaze Supercharges Their Latest Single, "When I Leave," With a Magnetic Narrative

Careful Gaze supercharges their latest single, "When I Leave," with a captivating narrative and a guitar chugging amalgamation between Indie, Emo, and Post Hardcore Rock textures.

The guitar chugging-indie trio from Minneapolis, Careful Gaze, has bestowed their latest single "When I Leave," with uncluttered transparency while presenting intimately descriptive and provocative screams over this emo-rock incantation amongst all its saturated howls. The track has an imaginative melody with a broad and assertive mix featuring a colliding sonic sludge the discerning and vibrant electric guitars on the one hand, and a funny coincides with the release of a short novel under the same heading.

In its opening moments, this cut from the distinguishing band begins with melancholic, emo-rock consistency, and texture before ballooning into a post-hardcore onslaught of haunting guitar riffs and the squalls and distorted cries of the lead vocals and they penetrate forward with each anthemic line in the chorus. It's a song with an appended narrative concerning love, sacrifice, valor, the darkness in depression. But what's probably most definitive and propelling in nature about Careful Gaze is how their interpretive storytelling center around captivating stories that pull on our curiosities and allure.

What are the outlining emotions and lessons you were aiming at highlighting in this single?

This song is a concept song that is the first part of a series, and we are releasing a short novel with it that tells the full story. But overall, the song deals with themes of depression and anxiety, living in a place for too long (in the story it is specifically a small town) that you cannot grow in, and the process of trying to leave those things behind. It's a song about breaking free and trying to free others in the process. Although it's a concept, I would be lying if I said it wasn't influenced by actual life events and situations. A lot of it is inspired by the place I grew up, and some of my childhood. 

How do you fuel your artistic energy both as a band and individually?

As a band, it's currently only three of us and we've all been friends for a long time. So as simple as it is, just getting in a room together with instruments and playing together with little direction is usually enough to fuel our creativity. Personally, I try to make myself always have at least one set of lyrics or partial lyrics written with no music attached to it, so when we do start writing something new musically I can mold it to that. I run often, and that's when I am most creative as well. When I Leave was inspired partially by running out by a huge power plant during the earlier part of quarantine where it was still almost sketchy to see another living person out on a trail, and just the " something is off" vibe that situation carried. 

What can we expect to see in some of your up and coming releases scheduled for later this year? And are you planning to drop any more music videos anytime soon?

We are in the process of recording our follow-up to You Too Will Rest (our 2019 album) right now and will be releasing that later this year, with some video content along with it. 

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

Seeing people online that still care about our music and haven't forgotten about us is pretty inspiring. We've tried to use the fact that we can't tour or play shows as motivation to release more music this year than we would've otherwise. This being our 4th standalone single, and a larger release later this year, I think we've done alright with that so far.  Lastly, there's been a lot happening in the world this year, and those were troubling and upsetting enough to inspire a lot of our content that we will be releasing later this year. 



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