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Carl Adams Ushers You Into His Mind With A New EP, “Disentranced”

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Carl Adams is no stranger to blending genres and atmospheres to create profound ambiances. Known for his passion in his skillset with instruments like violin, bass guitar, and electric guitar, Carl Adams makes songs that span across multiple sounds.

Whether it be classical (Disremembered), electronic (Irresolute), cinematic (The End of My Pain), or even hip-hop (The Beauty of Sight), he loves to keep listeners guessing what's next to come through the speakers.

While possessing the versatility to cross genres at any time, Carl Adams has cultivated a distinct style that will always feel both unique and familiar. Ringing true throughout his latest three-track instrumental EP, "Disentranced," he excels at catapulting into a sonic dream.

As "The Ideal & the Initiative" kicks off the project with its intriguing essence, we're immediately lured into a forcefield of anticipation as the triumphant sounds pour in do so magnetically.

The rhythm of the bass and electronic percussion samples pulsates like a heartbeat, feeding into every groove our chest feels. Adding life into this piece while each electric component is placed creatively yet with intention, a blend of liveliness allows us to take our mind to where Carl Adams may have stored away the narrative for us to find organically.

When "The Ideal & the Initiative" comes to an end, there's no abrupt halt to stop the natural energy of the vibe. Carl Adams has made it, so each song amalgamates with one another, and we can capitalize on the genius within the instrumental structure. While "Imperfect Sutures" fits a pop meets hip-hop vibe, the dance-like melodies heard on this track up the ante and tempo to emit an energetic arc in the project.

Thrilled at how he explores the various dynamics of his artistry within a single piece of music, his ability to consistently express his multifaceted virtuoso makes Carl Adams an astonishing musical influence.

Fading into the third and final song heard on "Disentranced," we arrive at the thought-provoking "An Eternal Reprieve." Fascinated by how Carl Adams uses this track to bring forth layers of texture, emotion, and vigor to profess a potent and jubilant atmosphere, the captivating melodies see beauty as they meet their counterparts.

This field of harmonies dances upon each element to create a sound that effortlessly flows. Although the song seems to get busier, it never dips into clutter – as Carl Adams always places poise in the forefront of his creations.

After diving deep into the compelling nature of "Disentranced," we could feel the brilliance instilled into this masterpiece. Allowing our imagination to walk away from this project with what we needed most, the three songs hold a timeless sound as they live up to their therapeutic essence.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Carl Adams! We loved being able to take in your latest EP. Creating solely from an instrumental perspective, we find that the takeaway from listeners is endless - which is a thing of beauty! So, in your own words, could you please share the meaning behind "Disentranced?"

To disentrance means to awaken from a deep sleep. That's largely what this represents. It's the year's first offering after nearly an entire year off. The last song came out in September, but this entire 2023 was musically completed by February. So I've just quietly been waiting since then to start rolling out everything new. Was there a particular moment or story that inspired this concept?

When naming anything, I usually lean toward abstract lines of thought, so this title showed up pretty early. Definitely helped shape how everything came together. Which musical influences do you look to for inspiration? How do you find they've helped you achieve the sound you have today?

There are way too many to name—plenty of metal musicians and hip-hop producers, and artists for me to steal from. And I usually steal very tiny things. Even then, the challenge is to find an identity all your own, but I think I've done that. We would love for you to share more insight into the creative process. For example, are there any memorable moments that made the creation of "Disentranced" that much better in your eyes?

Most of those songs were done in one sitting. And in writing them, there wasn't really a struggle. They came together pretty quickly, and that's always what you want. What's next for you?

This EP will hang in the air for a bit. There'll be other things to accompany it over the next few weeks.


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