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Carl Kammeyer Shares The Inspiration Behind “One”

We love the insightful optimism that drips throughout "One." Can you share the inspiration that led to the creation of this song and what emotions or experiences influenced the songwriting process?

I was genuinely inspired by my own family when writing this song. I wrote it at home, creating memories and bonding with my family. This song resonates with me because I have experienced a lot as a father and shared those emotions with this song.

Your collaboration with Ossico stands out throughout this track. How did this partnership come about, and how did Ossico's contributions enhance the overall tone and message of the song?

We connected online. Ossico had already been working on this project, so I came on board to help collaborate with him. We both worked hard to create this song. We really focused on our strengths, and it just worked, and everything just came together. Ossico created this song so that others could easily understand it better; this was essential to enhancing the overall song.

How do you approach weaving personal narratives into your music, and what role does storytelling play in your songwriting?

I write about topics I care about most and tell a story as best I can through the song's lyrics. Storytelling is everything to a song; it is what the listener will be able to feel and connect to.

Your ability to play various instruments is impressive and noted amongst your many talents. Can you share insights into the instrumental choices you made for "One" and how they contribute to the emotive and robust nature of the track?

Unfortunately, I did not create any instrumental choices in this track. It was all created by Ossico. His choice of instruments contributed significantly to this track. 

"One" is a celebration of love's enduring power. How do you envision this single resonating with your audience, and what emotional journey do you hope listeners will embark on when they experience the song?

This song resonates with my audience through bonding with their own families and embracing all their struggles with their families. I wanted them to know how special it is to strengthen and bond as a family. This song is a clear reminder of what it means to be on a family journey together, spend time with family, and make memories you will never forget. 

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