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Carlie Hanson Spotlights Self-Discovery & Regret In New Single, “Covering Faces”

Taking the indie pop music scene by the horns is versatile recording artist and pop singer-songwriter Carlie Hanson with her latest poignant single, "Covering Faces."

Carlie Hanson is proving herself a force in modern music with songs that tug on listeners' heartstrings through relatable, vulnerable concepts. Known for her soulful vocals and deeply introspective lyrics, Hanson brings out the best of her songwriting in her latest single, "Covering Faces."

The new single explores themes of a broken relationship. In fact, it's a jab at someone who could have had a great relationship with Hanson had they stuck it out. "Sometimes you meet people in your life who are only meant to stay for one chapter, even though you did everything you could to make it last," says Carlie.

Expanding on the new single, "Covering Faces," it opens with melancholy electric guitar picking alongside Carlie Hanson's emotional vocals, expressing how she's reached out to someone who's not there, and their relationship has fallen apart at the seams. The stunning melodies paired with Hanson's tender vocals make this song irresistible. It's an honest, authentic portrayal of her vulnerable emotions that anyone can relate to.

The track discusses themes such as nostalgia for the good times, regret for the bad times, and the impact time has on all wounds. Listening to this song is effortless, and for anyone who's experienced pain in their relationships, we're sure you'll find a piece of yourself in it. Overall, it's a beautiful exploration of the human experience that brings us 10x closer to the talented artist.

Carlie Hanson is undoubtedly solidifying her spot as a top indie artist in today's scene, thanks to impactful releases like her latest single, "Covering Faces." Find the new song on all digital streaming platforms.

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